At last! Lipizzaners at Lipizzaner Lodge!

Our new Lipizzaners enjoy a frolic in the fields!

We can finally introduce our new additions to Lipizzaner Lodge and our dream of having a Lipizzaner has come true with the arrival of the beautiful Gaitana, a 10yr old mare and her new foal, Gandalf.

It's as if they always belonged here and now the view from the Lodge to the stunning Nanos mountain is complete with horses running around and grazing.

Gandalf is quite a character and learning new experiences every day. He has the typical dark brown colour of  a baby Lipizzaner, but his dad is brown and not Lipizzaner, so we shall wait to see what colour he becomes.. He's already showing some grey white hairs coming through his baby coat!

His baby fur is fast falling off and he's quite an inquisitive little fellow, his mum is never too far away from him.

We always wanted to have a couple of horses at the Lodge, but we had to wait until the main guest house was up & running. Then we could prepare the last 2 stables at the end of our stables block for our new arrivals. We also arranged a new 25m stone paddock and rented some fields at the back of the Lodge for the horses to graze on.

You can see the fields and the lovely view of the horses and the last Slovenian mountain before Italy from our "Yew Tree" and "Nanos" terraces, or maybe rest in a hammock and watch the horses graze. These lucky horses have a really fantastic view from their stables each morning!

These guys are our private pets, so our guests will not be able to ride them, rather enjoy their majesties and company, but there are lots of other possibilities for you to see horses and go riding locally in lots of different locations and on different types of horse in Green Slovenia's incredible riding infrastructure.. please just ask us. We have lots more info about what horse fun you can have in Slovenia on our HORSES PAGE.


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