Finns plant Finnish forest!

The best thing that can possibly happen when you decide to plant some silver birch trees is that a bunch of happy Finns are staying at your Lodge and they insist on handling the whole process! There was not a lot of deliberation and a lot of digging and just for good measure they also sang a few songs in the sunshine and a wonderful afternoon was had by all!

We hope to have a wooden sauna hut outside at Lipizzaner Lodge in the future and we really want the wooden building to be inside a mini Finnish forest, so we decided to plant some silver birch (koivu in Finnish) trees early so they can take hold.

Well, as luck would have it we had a lovely group of Finnish visitors here who took it upon themselves to take responsibility for planting the trees properly and with a little bit of ceremony.. you can also see in one of the pictures that the men, for some reason appear to be doing all the work, whilst the women are supervising.. this can't be true!!

The afternoon was rounded off with the boys doing some Finnish songs from different locations around the Lodge and everyone sat down afterwards to enjoy the cooking of Rihard Basa, Slovenia's top TV chef for a yummy barbeque.

What a Finntastic day!! Thank you & kiitos guys!


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