Why do we call it Green Slovenia?!

We have lots of descriptions for Slovenia, "the sunny side of the Alps", "a little Switzerland with a little coast", but by far the simplest and clearest description of Slovenia that we can think is "Green Slovenia".

Welcome to Green Slovenia, where you will see every shade of Green imaginiabubble and more. The greens are not restricted to the incredible flora and fauna, its in the lakes and rivers as well!

The very best time to see the change and freshness of Green in Slovenia is in May, where different regions so close to each other are at different stages of Spring.

And in late September and October, Green Slovenia transforms into Golden, Red Slovenia as Europe's third most forested country falls into Autumn. Again don't just look for the trees, visit the vineyards as well, to see the leaves turn a rusty red under the clear blue skies.

Please enjoy these photos of Green Slovenia, even on a rainy day in Spring the green powers through to light up your day!

Green gallery to follow below!!

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