Xmas Lights in Koper

There is new seaside alternative to the Ljubljana Christmas experience in the coastal port of Koper, just a 30 min drive from Lipizzaner Lodge!

Koper is best known as a port where tens of thousands of cruise ship guests are dropped off in the summer and get a very brief taste of what Green Slovenia has to offer before the ship steams off.

But now the town has splashed out half a million Euros on a spectacular Christmas light show to attract winter visitors and they have done an amazing job!

We went down one crisp evening to visit the Old town and have a walk around and the lights were really great! There is a Xmas "Zoo" with festive animals lit up and xmas lights everywhere.

The special thing about Koper is it has a very old town right next to the salty Adriatic sea, (Napoleon delayed invading Russia until he had secured Koper). So there is the old town to stroll around, with 2 ice skating rinks, one by the "Venetian" church town in a "mini St Marks" kinda square and another longer one snaking along the water at the seafront.

Slovenia's biggest seaside town also has great restaurants and cafes and we have really seen the changes here even over the last 5 or so years where the old town has been transformed into yet another option for visitors to Slovenia to enjoy and get a taste of this very special little coastline.

Lodge Yuletide guests should of course still drive the short 30 mins north to sample the Ljubljana Xmas market and the delights of this stunning European mini capital city at Christmas, but now you should also seriously consider another 30 min drive south to the Slovenian Riviera and an evening wandering under the fantastic new lights in Koper!

Where Ljubljana has hot chocolate and hot wine, Koper has palm trees wrapped in fairy lights next to the sea!

And if you want to know more secrets about Koper and particularly the old town, then please check out our new "secret places to visit" tip about KOPER.. we think you should now seriously consider spending part of your daytrip to the coast visiting Koper as part of your holiday to Slovenia and we will tell you why!

Merry Christmas from White Slovenia!

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