Winter break in Slovenia

Pretty much the only thing you can't do here in Slovenia in the winter that you can do in the summer is go for a swim in the sea! We are often asked if we open in the winter and of course we are.. we think that winter is the next big thing for Slovenia and we want to share this BIG secret with you!...

Slovenia is a FANTASTIC destination for your winter warmer break, the caves and wine cellars are exactly the same temperature as in the summer, but if you thought Slovenia might just be a place to go skiing in the winter, then you need to read on.. (all photos below are taken in the winter)..

Here's what you really need to know..

Here in Landol on the edge of the Mediterranean/Continental European regions, it might snow, it might not.. in recent times we have gotten 3 separate winter snowfalls each year lasting from a few days to a week or so. Slovenia is very good at dealing with snow.. the roads are cleared and all the cars have winter tyres from November to March.

So if you want snow in your day, you will find it for sure, just a short drive away in Slovenia's 3 Alpine regions and if you don't want snow in your day, then you can be sure to find warmer temperatures in the nearby green Vipava wine valley or down on the Slovenian coast. The really great thing is that mostly, you will have a choice of what kind of terrain and activity you fancy for that particular day!

A reminder of our simple plan for Slovenia.. To be your year round comfy base to explore Slovenia, being the perfect location for you to launch daytrips all over this amazing little country.

People often imagine Slovenia is just a winter skiing destination and if you want a week skiing, then we recommend you book somewhere near Kranska Gora, Slovenia's main Ski resort.. If you want to enjoy all the other amazing things Slovenia has to offer in the winter.. the wine, lakes, rivers, mountains, forest, Lipizzaners, waterfalls, castles, caves and coast, then we would be delighted to welcome you to the Lodge and help you plan your daily adventures from here!

And it is absolutely possible to imagine skiing in the Alps in the morning and enjoying a nice meal by the seaside in the evening! We also include skiing on our huge list of possibubble daytrip activities and we have 2 different ski slopes just over an hour's drive from the Lodge for a wonderful day out skiing!

If you want to avoid the crowds, then winter is the time to visit Slovenia for a weekend break as most people just don't know about the variety of choices you still have here at your disposal so the country is "empty"! But here is the thing.. the amazing castles, caves, vineyards, restaurants, chic cafes and museums are all open.

To remind you again.. the Caves and cellars are EXACTLY the same temperature all year round and our friends at the stunning local Krizna cave for example, actually prefer for you to come visit in the winter as the water levels are usually far better than the summer and this particular cave is unbelievably spectacular when full of water!

Of course it is colder, but you just wrap up warm and enjoy a few more hot chocolates and local schnapps. We have solar power on our roof and since moving here, we have been surprised at the number of stunning clear blue skys we receive in the winter.. just perfect to accompany you on a local hike, maybe to the local Predjama castle, up the top of Nanos mountain to see the view to Venice or even hike cross country to the Postojna cave.

There is underfloor heating everywhere, so you can wander around in your socks. We have a welcoming wood burner in our café, where you will also eat breakfast and enjoy an evening meal on request. Maybe you will sit here to read your choice of the many books we have in our library or instead watch a movie in our cinema room.

We have a Finnish sauna in our RelaxRoof suite, which is yours to enjoy if you book the suite, or can be booked separately in the evenings when the suite is not booked. There are inside and outside terraces for you to enjoy all around the Lodge & grounds from which you can enjoy the views of Lipizzaner horses training and see Slovenia's last mountain (Nanos 1,313m) perched at the end of the back garden!   

We are so ridiculously close to so many natural attractions in Europe's most beautiful country. Our website is packed full of suggestions and ideas for you to choose from and we are delighted to help you out organising your adventures.

And here's just a few more ideas for your winter break..

Disappearing Lakes: This is the very best time to see this unique phenomena where masses of crystal clear natural water bubbles up from underground rivers to flood networks of connected lakes. The nearby, massive lake Cerknica is Europe's largest disappearing lake and home to over 50% of all European bird species. Imagine going ice skating (below) on the biggest disappearing lake in Europe in little old Slovenia!

New Wine: Having been picked in mid September, the new wine is available in hundreds of vineyards around the country and every cellar is exactly the same temperature in the summer and the winter!

Carnival: On the Sunday closest to 40 days before Easter the streets of Slovenia are dancing with furry bears, dragons, kids dressed as frogs, enormous witches and noisy wombles ringing cowbells, (see below). These carnivals are VERY different to what you might be used to and to understand them best, go with a local so they can explain to you what each character means, but when you do understand you will be overwhelmed by the long and colourful history of carnival here.. Slovenian carnival is a MUST SEE activity.

Bled and Predjama Castle: Maybe you saw the stunning lake Bled in the summer or walked from Lipizzaner Lodge along the secret forest path to discover the unique Predjama castle, hanging off a 123m high cliff.. but imagining walking around lake Bled on a magical carpet of crunchy snow with the mountains reflecting the winter sun in the clear blue sky! And imagine crunching along the snow covered forest path to get a stunning view of Predjama castle with snow glistening off the roofs and defences!

Xmas Markets in Ljubljana: There are few more beautiful European cities in winter than the smallest and cutest capital city of them all. Hug the river for the cafes, gluhwein and hot chocolate and visit the stalls for your Xmas gifts. And if you want to enjoy the amazing new Xmas lights in Koper on the Slovenian Riviera, just 30 mins from the Lodge, then please read our latest blog, Xmas lights in Koper.

The 2 Stone Arches: Known locally as Rakov Skocjan, this most amazing local nature park will be deserted in winter and the two massive natural stone arches at either end are the perfect backdrops for you to see a stone winter wonderland in the forest. If you are really lucky you can see it in the snow, we have a "secret place to visit" article on these amazing arches too, Stone Arches in Prehistoric Nature Park .

Spot the Lipizzaner!Our Lipizzaners will be trained most days in our new stone paddock and you are very welcome to watch, but also check out the main picture at the top of this page with people riding in the forest snow! If you are an experienced rider then we could help arrange this for you! Or maybe you will prefer spending an afternoon with the hundreds of Lipizzaners at local Lipica?

Winter hiking: One of the most exciting features of the Slovenian winter are the crystal clear blue skies and sunny, but chilly days. These are absolutely perfect for hiking and we have dozens of suggested hikes, depending on you and the day. You can see all the way to Venice in the clear winter air from the top of our local mount Nanos. Every new Year's day there is a community hike up another local mountain, "St Lawrence" (1,017m) to bring in the new year with a clear head and a fab view. And if it snows we know some wonderful hikes to the top of the local Nanos Range to "Dry Top, "Suhi Vrh, (1,313m) where you can see all the way to the Slovenian Alps and will probably see some animal tracks in the snow as well!

Coast hugging: No hurry, just make your decision after breakfast as to whether you will pop down to the Slovenian Riviera, or the Italian or Croatian coasts for some winter sunshine, a lovely long walk by the sea and yummy food. Each coast has a completely different feeling, mentality and pulse.


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