Autumn in Slovenia

Spring and autumn are the very best times to visit Slovenia as the days are still warm, everything is still open, but the country is pretty much empty of visitors, so you will have this amazing place all to yourselves, especially if you go to see some of our Secret Places to Visit recommendations!

In autumn the days are typically warm, whilst the evenings start to draw in, creating clear starry skies and leaving a clean crispiness through to the morning. This makes an early morning hike such a pleasure, with a reward of the warm sunny day to enjoy the view from the top of the local mountain you have just walked up! The fruit and wine grapes are hanging off the trees & bushes and are usually harvested from about September to October and when all the work is done you can enjoy the new young wines and try to find the secret farmers treats as advertised by a single branch at the side of the road. (called Osmica).

And of course in such a heavily forested country you will now see Green Slovenia dominated by golds, reds and oranges! Despite being such a small country, Slovenia has so many mini regions with different temperatures and micro climates, so depending on what time you are here and where you are visiting will depend on how much colour you see! And as Slovenia is so small it is really easy to zip around and experience several different regions in just one day, if you like!

For example, the 3 different Alpine regions would tend to show the colours of autumn first, (imagine wandering around Lake Bled in the autumn)! and the last region to lose its leaves would be Slovenia's Mediterranean coast!

The other exciting feature to remind you about with the coming of autumn is the power or water here.. Generally the fabulous waterfalls, rivers and gorges will flow even fuller and fiercer with water.

And there is yet another feature of nature that makes Slovenia even more special.. There are numerous disappearing lakes here, particularly in our own local mini region near Postojna and autumn is usually the time when they start to fill up, as Slovenia's massive stock of underground water bubbles up and explodes out of sink holes, underground caverns & rivers to create a network of stunning "part time" lakes.

This might be the last time you see this local road (below left ) until next year at the disappearing lake of Planina, so we were incredibly lucky to be able to take a piccy as the water rose!

These lakes will soon become paradises for birds in the winter, in fact at Europe's largest disappearing lake, the nearby massive lake Cernika, (which can reach 40 square km from a summer start of 0 square km), you can find over 50% of all European bird species here!

We found 2 new fantastic waterfall days out this Autumn would you believe! We always knew there are so many places we still hadn't discovered in this magnificent little country, but even we were surprised how fantastic the walks to these 2 separate falls were, making 2 new more different days out from the Lodge and, of course, the best bit is finally reaching the falls (waterfall is SLAP in Slovenian!) after your hike  to witness the power of water in nature, with pretty much nobody around at all!

Anyway, here are some more pics of these 2 new amazing waterfalls for you to enjoy, please check out our Secret Places to Visit page to find out more about them and many more amazing places to visit here!

The (below left) fall is at Martulek Gozd, (the Martulek Forest) and is the second falls of 3 on that particular hike and we call the (below right) falls the Lepena Water Gardens, (aka Sunikov Vodni Gaj).. Splashtastic!

And what about the Slovenian Riviera, where the Mediterranean sea can still be warm in late September and more importantly, once the schools have gone back Slovenia's cute little seaside towns are pretty much empty, check out the stunning peninsulas of Piran and Izola below!


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