Wheely Wheely old!

Where else would you think to find the oldest wheel in the world than the City Museum of Ljubljana!

Yes folks, it's wheely wheely old.. try saying that in a German accent, it sounds different and then the joke is kinda missed!

This wooden wheel was found in the marshes that became Green Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana and now you can roll up and see it for yourself at the Ljubljana city museum, just a stones throw from the river. 

You probably wouldn't have museums high on your list of things to do in Green Slovenia, as there are so many wonders of nature here to visit, but actually Slovenia has many, many fab micro museums in all shapes & sizes and locations, which you can often scoot around in much less than an hour.

And if you don't believe us then please check out our Museums page, stuffed full of tips for all types of Slovenian micro museums scattered all over the country, which you might otherwise miss.

The city museum is one of several small museums housed in grand old buildings dotted around the tiny city of Ljubljana and we can recommend this one for the wheel and particularly how it tells you the history of the city of Ljubljana.

Just around the corner is a fantastic Kids Theatre where you can see puppet shows in a classic European style, so it doesn't matter that you havent a clue what the characters are saying!

And the old stuff doesn't stop there as if you go to the National museum you can see the oldest musical instrument in the world.. a flute, by the way!

The point is that if you do have a few hours to spare in the capital then why not have a walk around some of the side streets, particularly just off the main river and you can find some delightful statues, buildings and maybe a few old secrets too!

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