Lipizzaner Lodge on Slovenian Prime Time TV show

Lipizzaner Lodge was on the prime time evening news & features show "Slovenska Kronika" and you can watch the clip here:

Lodge on SLO1 TV show

(Just click on the bottom right hand box in the clip if you don't want to see the advert).

Chris and Hanna were interviewed as foreigners living in Green Slovenia and we were delighted that Barbara and her cameraman could get some great sunny shots of the Lodge!

We told how lucky we felt to live in such a beautiful country and also banged the drum for having more signs to help visitors in Slovenia when we were asked what we would improve.

Yep, we take every opportunity to tell local people that more signs and info are needed here to help guide you, the visitor, to the hundreds of secret places to visit and there is no better soapbox then the Gogglebox!

Most people who visit Slovenia think the signs are pretty good, but that is cos they don't know about all the secret places they are missing out on that are not sign posted!!

On our website we have a growing list of such places on our Secret Places to Visit section.. 

We were very happy with the article on TV, but Chris was far less amused about being described as "English" in the intro!!!


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