the cloud in the cave & Rapunzel's tower

Well they do say Green Slovenia is the land of fairy you shouldn't really be surprised that just 15 minutes from Lipizzaner Lodge you can find Rapunzel's tower.. oh yes and a cloud in a cave!!

We kid you not.. many of our guests are sent off on a beautiful road through the forest on the way to see maybe the biggest disappearing lake in Europe, or Sneznik (Snow Mountain) castle, or to the Mercury mine in Idrija, or the amazing Krizna cave.. ok we'll stop there, this page is not about them!     

This road was used by the Romans as the best route past the Alps into Italy and later by the carters transporting huge oak trees all the way from the thick Slovenian forests to build the foundations of Venice and later to build the ships at Trieste. But just 15 mins along this road from the Lodge you can park up in a secret car park and walk down a little path into the forest, go through a metal gate that could easily be the entrance to the "Secret Garden" and discover the Planina cave, which, like many of these "hidden show caves" in Slovenia is technically open to visitors, but if we had a Euro for every one of those people each year who DID visit the Postojna cave and DIDN'T visit this cave, then we would have close to a million!

   secret garden gate in green slovenia   another secret cave in slovenia

You can walk a little bit into the wide mouth of this cave with the stunning Pivka river pouring out and if you are really lucky you might see a cloud floating around inside!

And just a few footsteps away from the car park you can walk down the hill to find a tower right out of a fairy story. If you were an evil witch then the Ravbar tower would really be a jolly good place to imprison Rapunzel! So we call it Rapunzels tower and hope Slovenia will realise what an amazing tower they have here and open it to the public, as currently you can only gaze up and see if you can spot Rapunzel's hair at the top window of the tower!

Kids will love it as a stop off and imagination builder and adults will marvel at the beauty of this lush forest area with river pouring out into the green meadow.. All this area was controlled by the tower in the good old days.

There's more as the river is one of the finest rainbow trout fisheries in Europe where remarkably, the trout swim up, yes up the river. Permits are rightly very expensive, but walking along this beautiful river is for free. You can access the river from the old bridge and you can also spot another more modern derelict castle along your way.

   discover rapunzels tower in slovenia

In the winter the water powers from underground caves and passages up through the cave to completely flood the huge meadow and make another of Slovenia's disappearing lakes, (full in the winter, empty in the summer) you can see the water line is where the houses are situated along the meadow in the small town of Planina. this is another reason why the forest and meadows are so unbelievably green and lush here.

And then our guests get back in the car or jump back on their bikes and scratch their heads in wonder.. how can Slovenia have so many amazing things that we had never heard about before?! And off you go to the next cave or castle or mountain or forest or museum or lake or river or gorge or waterfall.. wow Green Slovenia what a place!

rapunzels tower hidden in the slovenian forest

Rapunzel Rapunzel, throw down your long hair!


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