Slovenia hosts World Balloon Festival

This website loves a bit of hot air and we met this nice man at a tourism show in Ljubljana and he told us all about Slovenia hosting the 2020 world Balloon fiesta in September!

It all takes place in Murska Sobota in September, 19-26th and he asked us to tell you that there are still spaces available for flights on the balloons at the show..

If you want to book a ride, then just go to the BALLOON WEBSITE and apply!

Murska Sobota is in the North East of Slovenia and the whole region is as flat as a pancake! Its so different to the rest of Slovenia that it will make your hair stand on end as you float over in one of those balloons!

And that's not all, there are some really great places to visit in this mini region, including Grad Grad, (so big they named it twice!) a huge castle with 365 rooms. Also nearby is a volcano museum park, which is really great for kids and on the site of Slovenia's two million year old volcano! You can check out these and many, many other fab secret places on our Secret Places to Visit page!

So just another idea we wanted to float over to you as an activity for you to get excitted about doing in Green Slovenia!  


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