Planning your Trip to Slovenia

The main reason we have packed our website full of tips and info about Green Slovenia is that there is so little good info out there in clear, simple English to help you find out about some of the amazing places you can visit here and prepare for the really tiny distances between so many world class natural attractions..

This blog is an extra checklist to help smooth over some little bumps and help you prepare for your visit to Europe's most beautiful country..  so hold on to your bottle of water and hiking stick, cos here we go.. below..

1: Take the amount of time you are planning to spend here and triple it to avoid disappointment..

So many guests leave with the only regret that they have totally underestimated the huge variety and sheer scale of amazing places to visit here and they just run out of time.

2: Look at a map of Slovenia and then.. please take another look at our map of Slovenia on our LOCATION page..

The distances here are very, very small. Unless you like hotel hopping and constantly unpacking your suitcase, spread your trip out over fewer stops.

3: Go buy a really nice bottle of wine before you come here and drink it before you set off..

Slovenia has 7 different wine regions producing very high quality, unique and fruity wines at very reasonable prices. We are confident we can beat that bottle from home!

4: Try to do some extra training at least a month before arrival by walking, running or cycling up as many hills as you can find at home..

The fitter you are, the more you will get out of this natural paradise. There are so many extra places to tell you about or extra little bits to discover if you can walk the extra mile.

5: You can walk along a stunning 40 minute secret path direct from the Lodge to Predjama castle, the most unique castle in the world..

Most of our new arrivals know about this secret path by now, but please give yourselves enough time here to enjoy and experience this extra hiking treat when visiting Predjama castle!

6: Buy a vignette for your car windscreen before you arrive in Slovenia or at least on the border..

Make sure you are observing the exit lane speed limit and prepare to be pulled over when leaving the superb Slovenian motorways, where officials are checking if you bought a Vignette.. you can be fined up to €400 for not having one.. so buy one and stick it on your windscreen. (PS, if you hire a car in Slovenia then the sticker on the windscreen will very probably be a yearly one, so don't worry). (In 2021 it will all be electronic.. we will see).

7: Do not bother buying Slovenian wine in a supermarket..

There are thousands of amazing vineyards in Slovenia selling you superior, local and unique wines. Please make time to visit one at least and buy your wine there like the local people do, it will also be so much more fun! We also stock a large selection of wines from partners we know personally, so you can get to try wines from all over Slovenia here at the Lodge!

8: There is so much more to Slovenia than Bled, Ljubljana, Piran and the Postojna cave..

Yes, these places are world class and well worth a visit, but you need to know that there are hundreds of other more secret places you might not have heard about that will be pretty much empty of crowds in comparison, even in the busier July and August periods, so please check out our DAYTRIPS and SECRET PLACES TO VISIT sections for some extra tips and we now have a new Secret Places Treasure Map where you can check for Green treasures!

9: There is more than one amazing cave in Slovenia..

If someone arrives and tells us they want to visit "the cave", we always cheekily say "which cave, as there are over 15,000 discovered caves in Slovenia"! You need to know there are a lot of amazing caves to visit in Europe's capital of caves, why not check out our CAVES page on our DAYTRIPS section.

10: You can hike, cycle or E Bike to the world famous Postojna cave from the Lodge..

It's just 10 mins by car, but there are trails you can follow to walk or bike to the cave for a wonderful day out.. In the summer there is also a free bus between the Postojna cave and Predjama castle, so you could even hike to the cave (approx. 90 mins), visit it, then catch the bus to the castle and walk back home 40 mins to the Lodge along the secret path from there.. what a day!

11: Bring your swimming togs (swimming gear / stuff / clothes)..

Slovenia has the largest amount of natural water per square KM than any other country in Europe.. On pretty much every daytrip, somewhere along the way.. you will find a river, lake or the Mediterranean sea to have a dip in!

12: Of course you should go INSIDE Predjama castle..

Please just read our BLOG on the subject and scold yourself for even thinking to only stand outside the most unique castle in the world and just have a quick selfie!!

13: Don't worry about the rows of overhead cameras hanging over the motorways..

These are for electronic tagging of lorries, so just ignore them, in 2021 there should be elec tagging for ALL vehicles.

14: Don't ask for tap water in a Slovenian restaurant..

Despite having the cleanest natural tap water in Europe, Slovenians order fizzy or still water at restaurants and let's face it.. this is not expensive anyway compared with your country, so enjoy a bottle or two, but if you insist on having a glass of tap water then be prepared for a blank face from the waiter and you might need to explain what you want with amateur dramatic actions, so start practising turning on an imaginary tap, filling an imaginary glass and drinking that glass of delicious imaginary Slovenian tap water.. cheers!

15: DO NOT be put off, if the restaurant says "Pizzeria"..

Slovenian restaurants are usually called Pizzeria or Gostilna, but most "Pizzeria's" are general restaurants, serving lots of fantastic different dishes, it's just that Slovenians love pizza and another thing.. unless you are Italian, do not even try to think our pizzas will be like your pizzas back home, they are really, really very good here, so please try one!

16: If a shop, restaurant or museum looks closed.. GO IN / if a path looks private.. EXPLORE IT

We have often almost turned away from so places where it looks like there will be more ghosts than people there, but don't forget there are VERY FEW people in Slovenia, so try the door handle.. walk a little further around the corner and very often you will be surprised at what you find! You wouldn't believe the number of times we have thought a restaurant or shop is closed, but then gone in and found it is open!

17: Don't worry if most Slovenian words look like inverted Hieroglyphics with no vowels and lots of J's K's and very scary Z's everywhere..

Slovenians, lovely as they are, seem to have no concept whatsoever that the rest of the world has absolutely no idea what they are talking about and the place names are the best example. A local person might think that repeating a name several times means you will remember it, but Slovenia is filled with smiling happy tourists, wandering around and mumbling to themselves, "wow that cave / castle / river / mountain / lake / waterfall was amazing, but I haven't got a clue how to say where I was"! Visitors are like goldfish.. being told a name and then completely forgetting it within 3 seconds, but don't worry it doesn't get any easier, we still have a lot of difficulty with the names!

But help is at hand! Out of practicality and desperation, we refer to the unpronounceabubble place names in simple terms, like Pyjama castle, Vintage gorge, Kojak waterfall, Scotland cave and Cucumber castle! You will never forget the beauty, but if you want to remember where on earth you were, please take a photo and make the name up!!

18: Luckily, Slovenians are very good at English..

If you ask a Slovenian if they speak English and they hold their head down a bit and shyly say "a little".. they will be your best friend within 5 minutes / if they say they don't speak English.. give up, they really don't!

19: A crash course in Motorway Toll charges in Italy, Croatia and sunny Slovenia..

It can often be a bit confusing crossing a paper border and maybe missing the signs that tell you how to pay to use the local motorways, so just remember in Slovenia you must buy a vignette, which is a sticker you put on the inside of the windscreen and is later more difficult to remove than chewing gum super heated with dragon's breath!

In Italy you take a ticket at the first toll station when you join a toll motorway and pay at the toll station when you leave.. if you are driving from Venice to Slovenia for example, the payment toll station is about 10km before the border, it costs a little over €10. (Trieste to the Lodge is a couple of Euro max).

When you hit Croatia, you will know because you will have probably blindly followed a sat nav / garmin device and therefore been stuck in a queue to cross the border for up to 2 hours!! So actually our first tip is to look at your route carefully in advance and if you are crossing in or out of Croatia at a busy time of year, why not take a more countryside crossing.. it will be infinitely more beautiful, particularly on the Slovenian side and there will very unlikely be a queue! (Can you believe there were once serious talks to have another "open" road border (Schengen) with Croatia).

For the Croatian motorways you pay up front at a toll station in Euro or those Croatian "Thingamebobs" when joining the motorway, the speed limits also mysteriously change without logic, so please follow these limits carefully, as you won't be surprised to know the police give out lots of fines on them.. mysterious that!

And a last tip.. in Croatia, it is worth having some local coins (Kunar) available if you go into a town as you can only use these in the parking meters.

To cross Austria you buy another Vignette, so your windscreen will resemble a scrapbook by the time you reach the Lodge! Just leave a space so you can see where you are going!

We look forward to this tip becoming obsolete when all these countiries introduce electronic tolls, but you will hopefully also be driving an electric car by then!


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