see our latest YouTube vid!!

Our latest video called "Discovering Slovenia's Green Secrets" has launched on our YouTube channel and we hope you enjoy it.

We really wanted to show off more of Slovenia's beautiful green secrets and to explain a little more about how close they really are to the Lodge.. so that is what we did!!

Many of the shots are absolutely breathtaking and if you have visited Lipizzaner Lodge before then you will know.. Slovenia really is SOOOOOOOO beautiful.. everywhere you go!

Our storyboard idea was to introduce you to a few of the mystery secret places in the first half of the video and then "reveal" these places with their names and how close they are to the Lodge in the second half of the vid!

There is no other country in Europe where you can see such a variety of Green treasures in such a small area.. we noticed this on our very first visit, but even now, 12 years later, we are still amazed and surprised by how many fantastic secret places there are to discover here.

We would very much like to thank Anze for travelling around Green Slovenia with his video camera & whizzy drone and piecing the video together and Primoz for doing the sound.

And another special thank you to Alex at Rockvelo who allowed us to use a few extra E biking shots so we could show you some clips of when we went on our own E biking adventure with him to Predjama castle, up over Nanos mountain and down to the green vines of the Vipava wine valley in just one amazing action packed day!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lodge and we suppose the last thing to say is that even with this video we can only show a small fraction of the amazing places close by.. if you would like to see many more Secret Places, then please just check out our SECRET PLACES to VISIT and our DAYTRIPS sections.

You can get to our Youtube channel by clicking our little red Youtube icon on the base of every page, or just click here Discovering Slovenia's Green Secrets to go directly to our latest video.


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