New Secret Places Treasure Map!

Introducing our new and EGGxiting Secret Places to Visit Treasure Map!

Yes shipmates, we have long wanted to give you a map that shows where all our Secret places to visit are and here it is!

What is a Secret Place to Visit?

They are simply really beautiful, hidden, unexpected or fab places that you might not have known were possible to reach and enjoy while staying at Lipizzaner Lodge!

So Venice is a terrific example as one of the best known tourist destinations in the world.. perfectly possible in a daytrip from the Lodge.. But of course most of these secret places will be amazing castles, waterfalls, gorges, secret rivers, WW2 Partisan hospitals hidden in the forest or lakes that you have never heard about..

more green secrets to be found if you leave the dots on the map and step into the forest..
more green secrets to be found if you leave the dots on the map and step into the forest..


We just think it would be such a terrible shame if you didn't at least know something about all the amazing choices you have here for your Green Slovenian adventures..

Often these places WILL appear somewhere hidden away in a guide book, maybe as a footnote or a symbol on a map.. but we like to sing from the roof tops about these secret places to ensure they get a fair and equal presentation.. and in clear simple English on the world wide Tinternet!

We will ONLY tell you about places we think are fab and worth your visit.. this will NEVER become just a list of every dot on the map for the sake of listing dots on the map!

There are enough gov brochures OR guidebooks & internet articles written by people who have spent 5 minutes in Slovenia and then miraculously written a top ten! We just don't need to do that.. if it ain't amazing in some way.. then it won't get onto our Treasure Map! 

These secret places are also often "hidden" from view by having such difficult names in Slovenian or that local people here really have no clue that us foreigners would like to find and visit them!

We often hear.. "it's just a mountain.. it's just a lake", or see the disbelief on a local's faces when we explain to them that just one simple sign in English on the main road would be the key for people who live in a leafy London suburb or a high rise skyscraper in Madrid to come and hike around 17 unique disappearing lakes or find a medieval tower hanging off the edge of a cliff or discover a waterfall hidden in the forest!

Here is another great example of a classic secret place we only just recently found after living here for 7 years.. the ZICE Fortress Monastery, a name impossible to pronounce.. very difficult to find.. and is translated by locals technically correctly, but so badly into English as a "charterhouse".. (what on earth is that!!).. So you see.. there are so many barriers put in your way here that you might never get to know about this amazing 850 year old secret monastery protected by a castle.. but trust us.. this place is world class!

even Harry Potter and Game of Thrones needed CGI.. but this place is for real!
even Harry Potter and Game of Thrones needed CGI.. but this place is for real!


So we also created this Secret Places Map for the 7.98 billion non Slovenian speaking people in the world.. there really are so many amazing places to visit close to Lipizzaner Lodge that we are sure you would love to go see them.. if you only knew about them!

We also noticed here that just a few well known and fantastic places like the picturesque Lake Bled, lovely Ljubljana and pretty Piran are heavily marketed and banged about on the tourist bongo drums..

YES, they are amazing, in fact Lake Bled is perhaps the most picture perfect example of a European Alpine lake with the church on the island and the castle on the clifftop and the Postojna cave is the most visited cave in Europe, so of course they should appear on your Green Slovenia shortlist, BUT just down the road from Bled there is an even more beautiful lake and within a 20 min circle of the cave, there are many other fantastic show caves with no crowds!

We just want you to know that you have a massive choice here and there are sooooooooooo many other wonders of nature that are almost completely unknown!

That is why we think that having been exploring here for 10 years and knowing exactly the kind of places you might like to visit, (cos we are the same as you.. vistors to Slovenia).. that it is our duty to give you the full picture and some help in clear, simple English, ok, with a few bad jokes as well

Our Secret Places tips are collected ALL on one giant page in no particular order.. called SECRET PLACES TO VISIT for you to slide up and down to read the headlines & look at the photo to see if one of these might take your fancy and be the secret place for tomorrow's day trip adventure!

WE DO NOT APOLOGISE for the over 100 secret places.. in fact we know many more that we have still to visit or to add here.. our aim is NOT to overwhelm you, but to at least give you a fighting chance of not missing out on, say, a special castle that is frankly, way better than Ljubljana castle, or a secret valley or a hike to some magical lakes or a cave with baby dragons or a cute little seaside town with easy parking and great swimming..!

If only you knew.. well you do now!

We are contacted by people from all over the world who thank us for showcasing these amazing places and we also hope that if you know in advance how truly beautiful it is here, then you will be able to plan your trip a little better and avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE made by visitors to Green Slovenia, which is to allocate far too little time to see the most beautiful country in Europe!

Our new Treasure map should help you see where these amazing places are.. it doesnt even matter if some of them are in Italy, Croatia, Istria or Austria.. the key thing is you can reach them from the Lodge in a daytrip adventure or visit them on the way here.

And finally, this map gave us the opportunity to show you our very own TOP TEN SECRET PLACES! But of course Slovenia is so amazing and stuffed full of natural wonders that it is impossible to have just 10 places in a Green Slovenia top ten.. so we have at least 30 places in ours!.. you will see this for yourself when you finally get here and we hope you make your own personal top ten (30) too!

a secret hobbit village hidden on top of a huge mountain.. surrounded by other peaks and clouds just floating by..
a secret hobbit village hidden on top of a huge mountain.. surrounded by other peaks and clouds just floating by..


In the true sprit of a "treasure map", we have Golden Eggs marking our top ten places.. Red Crosses mark the spots where you you might find a really uneggxpected surprise and.. Pirate's Chests hold the rest of the treasure.. but the truly great thing is that this map has secret places for EVERYONE, young, old, bird watchers, hikers and bikers.. so we wouldn't be at all surprised if you have completely different Golden Eggs on your own list..

You can scroll around and make the map bigger or smaller.. just HOVER over an EGG or a RED CROSS or a TREASURE CHEST to see a photo and the name of that special place and then CLICK further if you want to read the article!

See on the map how far away the furthest points of Venice or Zagreb appear, but look again and both are within a 2 hour drive of the Lodge.. eveything is so close in this tiny country..

We know from the smiley happy faces of our guests returning from completely unexpected day trip Green adventures over the years that it is these "Secret Places to Visit" that add some extra stardust and make this little country with 4 Alps, a Mediterranean coast, 7 unique wine regions and all the rest of it.. the very best all round European holiday experience you can get!

So here you go.. click here to go directly to our new SECRET PLACES TO VISIT TREASURE MAP.. we hope you dig up some treasures hidden under the sand here and that you have a really great visit to Green Slovenia!


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