Go Green Slovenia!

This page is all about helping VISITORS to Slovenia FIND & ACCESS the GREENER OPTIONS for travelling around the most beautiful country in Europe.. If you rent or bring an ELEC CAR here, we try to give you all the current info we can in ENGLISH to help you juice up your E-Car or E-Bike!

You should be totally congratulated on finding Slovenia in the first place and then choosing to visit this little green gem, bursting with nature! You don't get a greener holiday than in Green Slovenia!.. you can swim in lakes, rivers & the Mediterranean sea, you can hike & bike in forests, vineyards, green meadows and up & over mountains, you can explore castles, caves, coast and discover waterfalls and gorges all over the place..everywhere!

Slovenia is truly a wonderful destination for a nature holiday, a tiny place where you can enjoy and respect the amazingly green environment, eat locally grown food and breathe clean air.. very clean air. And just think about it.. Slovenia is also the perfect holiday destination for using an electric vehicle, being so small, but packed with world class natural wonders at very small distances away from each other, so easy to get around on a single overnight charge!

And for several years already, we have been encouraging those who want to visit Slovenia without a car at all! We have a special page called To Drive or Not to Drive and we get more and more guests doing this every year!

If you want to find other practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint impact on holiday, maybe by renting an electric car or bringing your own rechargeable car or bike to Slovenia.. then this is the page for you, we try to answer your practical questions about E-renting and recharging

You are perfectly capable of checking yourself how many trees your airline is planting to offset it's carbon footprint and weighing up the option of taking the train or driving, so below we will explain and update how the Green revolutiion can be accessed on your holiday here.. the situation is always changing, hopefullly for the better, so we will try to keep you up to date with options.. so here we go, please plug in and enjoy the ride, below..

Recharging your elec car.. 

Let's keep this monkey simple.. the simplest & best way for you to use an elec vehicle on hols in Slovenia is to recharge overnight where you are staying and then explore within your elec range.. Slovenia is so small you can do this!

It only makes sense to top up with a fast charger during your day if you need more juice and this is very possible and becoming even more possible here.. There is a network of FAST CHARGERS around this small country and a fab "Gremo" website that explains where many of them are located, here is a link to that map.. MAP OF CHARGING STATIONS IN SLOVENIA  

You will need to pay for your power, so require an E-recharge card, (we will call them E-JUICE CARDS!) Just swipe it on the recharger to get access to your juice.. and this is where it is currently a little bit complicated.. So for example, you will need to apply online and register your credit card in advance to be able to use the network of rechargers.. but there are 2 issues with this.. firstly there are multiple companies with rechargers requiring seperate so you would need several cards and secondly, would you seriously want to get several different cards in the post just to do a 2 week holiday in Slovenia? And what if you are doing a multi country holiday.. you would end up with more cards up your sleeve than a magician!!

BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THAT, the GOOD NEWS is that Eco friendly hotel's like the Lodge will be able to give you a prepaid E-Juice card to use during your stay, so you can whizz, noiselessly, around Slovenia, juice up easily where required and settle up the minimal recharge fee later when you check out! (now that is good news)!

The other really GOOD NEWS is that there are APPS available that are becoming more and more European wide to cover all recharge machines and as we learn more about these we will tell you.. so watch this space!

Renting an Elec car..

We will keep a close eye on the places where you can rent ELEC cars and make sure they know that YOU the guest want to rent an elec car.! But also feel free to hassle them as well and get this green revolution rolling!

We will also keep a list at the bottom of this page of what ELEC options the Slovenian car rental firms are offering. The extra good news here is that if you are renting a car, then the rental firm should give you access to one of the Network rechargers and currently the recharging is usually free.. (the price of e-juice is minmal anyway and hopefully not the real reason why you are choosing an elec car)!!


And what are we doing at Lipizzaner Lodge to limit our impact on the Planet's Resources?

It is all very well to shout and scream at people who dont want to listen anyway about what they are not doing for the environment! All we can do here is tell you what we are doing and try to learn how to do more..

We originally built the Lodge with solar panels on our main roof, which helps power the underfloor heating and hot water for your shower

In 2019 we connected 32 solar panels on our stables' roof to make Lipizzaner Lodge 100% electric neutral.. so now we use the abundant, clean Slovenian sunshine for all your power needs!

Also in 2019, we connected the stables' roof gutters to collect the rainwater into a 12,000 litre underground tank that we reuse in the garden and for our Lipizzaner horses to drink. (Horses can drink a lot!)

We got rid of all plastic bottles in our cafe and now only offer glass bottles. We can also offer guests existing plastic or glass bottles to fill with the beautiful clean pure water that flows everywhere from slovenia's taps. So the message here is, please do not bring new plastic water bottles to the Lodge, you don't need them.

For 2020 we hope to have our own ELEC car available for guests to rent by the day

AND to have 1-4 overnights charging sockets.. so watch this space..


List of Car Rental Firms in Slovenia offering electric vehicles, at Ljubljana Airport unless stated.. (upated Jan 2019)

AVANT: 11 elec cars available / they also have a network of 400 - 500 elec cars that can be rented by the hour in the cities, BUT only by local people.. the potential for visitors is massive here with this network, so we will be in contact with them to see how visitors to Slovenia like you could be included. Awaiting response.

SIXT: (Also an office at Ljubljana train station) 6 cars for 2020, when you book on their website you can see a little green E symbol by the car.. recharging is currently free at the network of "PETROL" motorway and service stations around Slovenia.

AVIS/BUDGET Zero cars / local staff were switched on to the need, we will contact head office and report back.

DOLLAR/THRIFTY: Zero cars, zero plans

HERTZ: Zero cars, zero plans


Watch this space for further info.. we are trying to give the visitor to Slovenia the fairest, simplest, most comprehensive picture of how to use an electric car in Slovenia, so we apologize if our info is out of date, our intention is to be positive about the possibilities for renting and recharging a car here and so if you have any useful info or feedback, please let us know!

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