imagine having a dip here

Have you seen Slovenia on TV lately?!

Well, if you have seen the new Mini Countryman advert or the Nissan X Trail on TV then you have been seeing some secret spots in Green Slovenia!

Pretty much zero % of the people outside Slovenia watching these adverts would know that the Admen and women know a beautiful spot when they see it and of course they want to sell their cars with the most beautiful, natural background possible.. so welcome to Slovenia!

   little bridge walk in slovenia appearing on the mini countryman advert   bridge from the mini countryman advert in slovenia

The lady having a fresh bath in the Mini ad jumps out of the crystal clear water in the stunning lake Bohinj, (photo above) and the mini is later seen whizzing around the Little Bridge walk in the Alps.     

In the meantime the Nissan is parked up taking a backseat while the family jump into the aqua blue water of the Soca gorge. If you want to sell a car.. come to Slovenia!

All the places on these adverts are featured in our DAYTRIPS and SECRET PLACES TO VISIT pages.

And here is a link so you can enjoy the scenes of Slovenia and Jake Bugg's catchy tune in the new Mini Countryman advert:

You can find the Nissan advert on youtube at

   scene of the nissan x trail advert   scene of the mini countryman advert




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