Kris hilltop village in the Vipava valley

If you are lucky enough to drive through the Vipava valley then about half way along this perfect green corridor, look out for a medieval little village perched on top of a beautiful hill.

That little village is called Kriz and it's location and vista is as good as any hilltop village you could name in Croatia.

The only difference is that Croatian villages such as Motovun, Groznjan or Buzet are stuffed with little shops, artists studios and postcards.. in Kriz, at last, they have opened their first café /shop!

cafe at the village of kriz in slovenia    gate into kriz, vipava valley

Kriz sits prettily in the centre of Slovenia's biggest secret, the Vipava valley and should play a central part in your day's hiking, biking or driving around this magical place.

The whole valley is stuffed with vineyards, cute little villages, with cute little names llike "Big Frog" and "Little Frog" and wee churches on tops of hills, but Kriz is one of the highlights you should really not miss.

It's easy to find.. just sitting up there on the hill. Even the car park, just outside the village, has great views over the valley. Now just walk through the old stone archway and start exploring inside the old walls.

old streets of kriz in the green vipava valley    old town in kriz, vipava valley, slovenia

The village is petite and has been lovingly renovated. There is a new Tourist Info Centre that is also a shop and is also a café and is also a wine tasting venue.. take your choice!

Just across the village square is an old castle with a junior school inside. This castle, like many in Slovenia, is screaming out to be renovated and to show off all it's history, but for now, it will just pose for your photos.

There is a small circuit you can do around the houses and look out for the old jail, one day this will be a lovely inn or restaurant.

As you would expect, there are stunning views from every angle, corner and alleyway across the valley down below.

castle ruins in kriz, vipava valley    view over vipava valley from the village of kriz

You can get light refreshments at the café, enough to make it worth stopping here on a larger hike and they stock several local wines made in the valley.

You can also can for a map that shows a hiking route loop around this and some nearby villages.

Kriz also forms part of your bike ride if you go E-biking. You should seriously consider electric bikes for this valley as the hills require tour de France stamina that you can get inside a battery on a bike!

There are several other secret little hilltop villages scattered around this region, but Kriz is the rawest and greenest of them all. If you want to experience the magic of the Vipava valley, then put Kriz into your plans and please support that lovely little shop and buy something there!


Address: Landol 17, Postojna 6230, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5620 3443
Mobile: +386 40 47 0239 or +386 40 37 8037