The Slovenian word for waterfall is “slap” and your first glimpse of some of these waterfalls might feel like a bit of a slap in the face as you are hit with the power and incredible beauty of Green nature!

Green Slovenia has the largest natural supply of water in Europe per km and there are so many waterfalls in different shapes & sizes and with different power levels depending on the season, rainfall and situation up river or in the Alps.

We will now mention some really special water drops that we recommend and ALL of these falls can be visited as part of a fabulous day trip out from the Lodge.. most of them will need a bit of hiking to and that is all part of the wonder of nature..

   kojak waterfall in slovenia   secret waterfalls in slovenia

Kozjak Waterfall.. (75 mins)

Let's start with our favourite slap of all.. Kozjak, or Kojak as we call it is exactly one of those falls you need to walk to along an easy to follow marked path.. you get to follow the beatiful river Soca for a bit and if you have hiked directly from the pretty little Alpinre village of Kobarid you have to cross a long wonky swing bridge over the river.. if you are lucky there will be a team of colourful kayakers gliding along below you..

After the bridge, you go up the tributary river that is supplied by the monstrous waterfall and follow along a rocky riverbed and crossing some little hobbit-like bridges! All is enclosed by high cliff walls covered in green and ferns and you might feel like you are in the middle of a Lord of the Rings movie!

Some of your senses will warn you that the falls are coming up as the water thunders into the river, but natire has created the perfect rock theatre for you to see the falls for the first time and you must step up onto a rock ledge, then use steel wires onto a boardwalk to go around the corner and your walk is finally rewarded with a first look at the falls!

Some people brave the freezing cold water and rocks to swim up to the waterfall in the pool or even climb and jump off into the huge and perfect cylindrical pool.. but the hike here will be enough for most.. Kozjak slap is a magical very special place indeed..

Pericnik Waterfall.. (70 mins)..

Another rewarding and totally mysterious hike up into the forest will lead you to Slap Pericnik with a 52m drop! This falls is tucked away along the Triglav gate road, which leads from Mojstrana lake to Slovenia's biggest mountain, Triglav, but for Lodge guests it is a really perfect stop off to strech the legs and see a bit of nature's magic on a longer circle day trip up and over the Alps via the Vrsic pass and the Soca river..

You need to go several km from Mojstrana up a forest road that turns to a wide stone track.. also perfect for cycling and next to a crystal clear river. Park at the pub and then just hike up into the forest and listen for the thunder of the water!

   wasserfall in slowenien   waterfall close tolake bohinj slovenia

There are actually two 20 min ways to walk up to the waterfall and they are both steep but safe and bring you right up in front of the massive tap gushing tonnes of water down in front of your eyes.

At the top, you could even walk behind this falls, but be really carfeull cos the water is so powerful.. for most people it will be enough to be close enough to touch this wonder of nature and then have a nice bowl of sausage soup at the little inn below!

the Savica Waterfall.. (85 mins)..

Slap Savica is often missed by visitors to the Alpine lakes as visitors often realise too late there are just so many things to see and do at Bled and Bohinj that they have no time to fit in this waterfall.. oh dear, at least now you have been warned!

Like most waterfalls it is hidden away from view, so you need to walk there.. Park in a separate car park at the end of the beautiful lake Bohinj and then walk up a steep, but perfect path up to a wooden platform with views across to the waterfall and an extra bonus vista across the Slovenian Julian Alps.

This walk is like going up a big stone staircase in the forest.. there are picnic tables on the way up and you could easily take a leisurely hour to go up or race it in 20.

You can also do a much longer and epic walk around to almost the top and back of the waterfall from the base of the lake.. you set off from the little village at the end of the lake and walk up through the mountains. (Not done yet, but on the list)!

Mostnica Slap.. Little Bridge Waterfall (80 mins)..

The Little Bridge Waterfall aka Slap Mostnica, is your final reward on an epic 5 hour roundtrip at the end of the Litlte Bridge Gorge walk, where you will walk alongside a stunning crystal clear Mostnica gorge, follow the forest trail up and then hike along a stone road into the Alps.

There is a really great pub near just before the falls for some grub and be sure to explore around a bit extra when you get up to the waterfall.. it is actually a double falls with the second lower falls almost hidden away from view, so you need to scrabble a bit to see it all!

Boka Falls.. the Big One.. (100 mins)..

The Boka falls (100 mins) is the highest waterfall in Green Slovenia and if your neck muscles are flexible, you can get a glimpse of it as you go over a bridge towards the little Alpine town of Bovec along the Soca river..

Much better is to park just after the bridge, cross the road and hike along a wonderfully prepared rock path up into the forest for just 20 mins to reach a wooden viewing platform with the perfect view across to this huge water drop!

         another secret waterfall in slovenia   waterfall on the way to the slovenian alps

Virje Waterfalls.. (100 mins)..

Not far from Boka, but hidden away along a long curvy village road is the purpose built forest track that leads to the chunky multiple Virje falls.. The views around ere of the mountains are fantstic and this is one to bring a sandwich to and go for a longer peaceful hike in Green nature..

the 2 Waterfalls of Martuljek Forest.. (85 mins)..

This is another epic hike.. first along a stunning clear river with little rock people, then up into the forest to follow a trail that gets trickier to follow the more you go, but adrenaline and determination will get you to the top of the second falls as it slides out of the rock. This is an epic forest hike to two waterfalls, imaginatively named Slap 1 and Slap 2!

Repov Falls.. (90 mins)..

This is a much shorter hike, but along a purpose built forest path to a TRIPLE waterfall.. You need to know about this fantastic hike in advance or you would firstly never find it and secondly never stop at the small wooden mill, near Luce, with narrow parking space on a main road in the middle of a forest!.. But it is totally worth it and the final few legs to the waterfall are quite Indiana Jones! 

the Rinka Falls.. (120 mins)..

This fabulous 90m drop is the highlight of the Logar valley and the start of the Savinka river. You can climb up to the Eagle's Nest cafe to view the waterfall over a cup of coffee! There are lots of other hikes and waterfalls to find in this fantastic mini region!

Organ Falls.. (80 mins)..

We found this multiple waterfall at the end of a wonderful hike into the mountains around Kamnik.. We were lucky as the water wasn't so fierce so we cold actually climb up the rocks and see the main shute dropping at the back end of the falls..

There is a nearby gorge, the source of another river and a secret hidden WW2 Partisan hospital in this Kamnk forest hike, so another amazing day in Green nature..

So this really is just a small selection of some of the best waterfalls in Green Slovenia, but we know there are so many more here that it will be just so exciting discovering more.. but we tink this little list might be enough for you to get started with in the Greenest European country!

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