see ALL 4 Alps from Mt Blegos

This is one view you wanna see for sure.. but you will have to either earn it the hard way by hiking or biking up a mountain.. or instead we recommend the easy and more fun option of E Biking to the top of mt Blegos 1,562m. This is a mountain you have probably not heard about before and it towers above a secret valley that you certainly haven't heard of!!

So the valley is called the Poljane Valley, (Poljanska Dolina) and this secret mini region is what we want to introduce to you here in this article.. If you can, you absolutely should spend the whole day here in green nature.. the cherry on top of the cake will be that sensational view of not one.. not two, not three.. wait for it Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.. but FOUR different Slovenian Alps!!

Oh yep, from the top of the stunning Blegos mountain you feel a bit like you are attending an interview with Slovenia's 3 main mountain ranges. They just kinda sit right in front of you and your eyes get greedy as you just scoop this amazing moment for all it is worth. Your camera is useless here, it cannot do the vista justice, this is a moment to cherish for yourself and to remember forever.. then take a swing panorama shot with your phone!

The Julian Alps with lakes Bled and Bohinj are the first and biggest mountain range you can see, the next are the Karavanke Alps, towards Austria and the third are the impressive Kamnik Alps.. what a view!

As a footnote you can also see back towards Lipizzaner Lodge, Mt Nanos and Slovenia's 4th Alps, the smaller Dinaric Alps, which spread off into the Balkons.

So we have lived in Slovenia for 7 years now and we had never heard of the Poljane valley or Mt Blegos! It is our mission and passion to find the Secret places in Green Slovenia that we know are here, but just need to be explored, discovered and brought to your attention.

We met a Poljanska Dolina local at a trade fair and made plans to visit in the spring. On a map, the Poljane valley is the green bit directly to the west of Ljubljana, just past the pretty old town of Skofja Loka. It's just an hour's drive from the Lodge and ALL OFF motorway if you prefer on stunning scenic country roads.

The area is green, tranquil, vast, hilly, mountainous and of course, covered in forest.. It could well be that in your incredibly short itinerary for Green Slovenia you might now have to decide between spending a day or half a day here and maybe missing out on Ljubljana or Bled.. but we want you to know about this amazing place and are confident enough in what we found.. another Green paradise.. we highly recommend the Poljane valley for your soul and as a jolly good day out.

ideal for E biking..
ideal for E biking..


So what can you do in the Poljane Valley?

Here's what we did and what you might like to do as well for a simple plan of adventure.. morning meet the amazing guys at HourAway adventures at the top of the Poljane Ski Slope and do one of their E Bike tours up into the forest on fantastic tracks to the cafe near the top of mt Blegos.. hike up the last bit, see the amazing view and try some locally made cheese and goodies at a local tourist farm on the way back.. early afternoon take on the fab forest adventure monkey park, with ziplines and drops.. then late afternoon / evening have a local meal at the ski top restaurant or pop into Skofja Loka for a stroll around and some dinner there.. WOW what a day!  

Since our visit, we have had several Lodge guests visit the valley on a similar schedule and they absolutely loved the E Biking, nature, activity, local food and companionship on this day out.. it was a completely unexpected Slovenian treat! It's great for everyone as you can decide how much cycling, hiking or zip lining you want to do.. (but do try the zip lines, they were great even for big Kids)!! 

Unless you live in a mountainous country you might be shocked at how steep and curvy some of the roads are up into the Poljane valley.. we were, but the boys at HourAway can come and pick you up at the bottom of the valley, so if the driving might scare you a bit, then do take up this offer! (What would be really cool is if in the summer months you could park at the bottom of the ski lift and whizz up the mountain).

The key thing is for you to concentrate on the stunning scenery here. YOU WILL NEED AN E BIKE, unless you are an Olympic athlete.. you still get a work out, but with a bit of extra power it's more possible to accompany your guide up the mountain on picture perfect stone tracks and narrow tarmac roads.

Along one of the tracks, we stopped off at the side of a very steep hill where Brits might chase a rolling cheese, but here they have a grass cutting competition.. it looked like it would be tricky enough just standing up, let alone swinging a sythe!

this is where they have grass cutting festivals.. check out that vertical slope behind!!
this is where they have grass cutting festivals.. check out that vertical slope behind!!


As you snake higher up the mountain you suddenly get a terrific side view of the Julian Alps and Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav, 2,864m.. At the final approach to Blegos peak there is a cafe hut where we parked up and tramped the rest of the hill to the top. It is steep, but there are no vertical drops to be worried about, so this is a fab mountain to enjoy walking up.

And the reward is that amazing vista of the 3 main Alps perched in front of you.. just beautiful. Afterwards, we stopped off at the cafe to try some local bread with fried bacon inside and a mug of herbal tea, which really gave us some energy for the descent.

On the way down we also stopped off at a tourist farm where they made their own cheese and bread, so we tried some Slovenian Tapas and it was delicious.. they even have an amazing cheese cellar!

Back at the ski lift there is a tree park with monkey swings, zip lines and a terrifying vertical drop.. we did the lot and it was fantastic, but of course all of this took place half way up a mountain in a forest.. amazing!

is it a bird.. is it a plane..
is it a bird.. is it a plane..


We thanked our lovely hosts and drove the terrifying 300 metres (it was almost vertical, so we had to drive) up to the ski lift restaurant for some yummy home cooked local food. There was one German couple up here, but otherwise empty.. this valley is just one of the many Slovenian secret places that would be full to the tree tops if they were in your country as they are so beautiful, but here in Green Slovenia.. they are undiscovered treasures.

If you prefer more E Biking during your day, you can maybe start the bike ride down in Skofja Loka and ride for longer up.. needless to say there are endless routes you can try and if you have time then Skofja Loka is a delightful little medieval town to stroll around to complete a wonderful day!

On the way back home to the Lodge we stopped off at a lovely little village called Ziri where there is a shoe factory making Slovenian ALPINA shoes and more interestingly a factory shop where you can get shoes discounted! They do regular shoes and a lot of hiking and leisure options. And even better, close to here on the high street is a lovely cafe with great ice cream and a secret garden at the back with a quirky beach and some rabbits and goats!!

We were so happy to discover this secret valley and new friends, just an hour from the Lodge, but stuffed full of mountainous twists and turns and those huge Alps in the distance, just waiting to say hi you.


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