the Divaca Dancing Cave

We are delighted to introduce yet another fantastic Green Slovenian cave option for you to choose from, this one is sensationally beautiful inside and also has a dancing hall.. hence the Divaca Dancing Cave!

So get your dancing shoes on, spray on a bit of fake tan and fix your TuTu, cos we are gonna go explore the amazing Divaca Dancing Cave!

Sigmund Freund had a lot to think about down here!
Sigmund Freund had a lot to think about down here!


Breaking News: The Divaca cave is running DAILY tours in JULY and AUG at 10am and 12pm.. this is excellent news and the start of a real game changer for visiting those "other amazing" caves in Green Slovenia.. please read on!

It is important and our mission to get this main message over that there are a lot of show caves in Green Slovenia and just cos you might have only heard about one or maybe two before you get here, it does not mean for one millimetre of a dripstone of a moment that that these are the only caves worth visiting.

Every single show cave here is different.. completely different. We would not recommend any cave included on our website that we didnt think would be a fab visit for you AND we are pretty sure that any of "these lesser known Slovenian caves" would be the top dog cave in your country!

The Divaca cave is just 20 mins from the Lodge at one of the main entry points into the Kras Teran wine region for beautiful little hill top villages, Proscuitto, Lipizzaner horses and of course the unique, blood red Teran wine! 

what a way to enter a show cave,, so much better than cramped onto a train with hundreds of other people!
what a way to enter a show cave,, so much better than cramped onto a train with hundreds of other people!


This cave was formed by the same Reka river that now thunders through the massive pit of the world reknowned Skocjan caves, just down the road on the other side of Divaca.

You can find it a little outside the town of Divaca on the road towards Lipica (home of the Lipizzaner horses) & Lokev and hence very close to the Italian border.

Just turn right at the little brown sign for the Divaca Jama, (cave) and you are immediately exported into a Karst jungle forest lanscape, with white rocks, very green vegetation and trees absolutely everywhere.

There is a little path next to the car park to walk down to the cave hut, where you must be in time to get your ticket.

a moment alone in the Dancing Hall..
a moment alone in the Dancing Hall..


Divaca Cave is run by a local cave society and is open to the public for tours between May and the end of September every Sunday at 10am and in July and August at 10am AND 12pm EVERYDAY..

It is also possible to organise privte tours with one of the fantastic local cave guides here.. Yep, for about the same price in total as for seeing a much better known cave, you can be deep down here & personal with your own mini group! How about that?

This cave is so unknown that there is never likely to be large numbers on the scheduled tours.. the cast will be more like an Agatha Christie mystery with a few Germans, a couple of Italians, maybe a Brit and an American.. most certainly a Belgian and a few locals!

Soon you are marching into the forest to go down some slippery metal stairs and then onto the rock steps and down into the depths of the rocky underworld.

this is Green Slovenia.. just another beautiful entrance to just another fantastic cave..
this is Green Slovenia.. just another beautiful entrance to just another fantastic cave..


The same goes for ALL show caves here, you MUST have an element of physical fitness to enjoy your visit more as you will be going up & down stairs and shuffling up & down concrete paths to explore.

The first bit of the cavern is like a grand dance hall and we have met a local cave guide who is keen to start some dancing and local goodies & wine tasting here, so please just ask for more details!

You only get to explore half of the 1km long cave, but do not be fooled, the caverns are absolutely packed with dripstone treasures, so it will feel like you have walked much further.

The tour lasts about an hour and like we said there is no other cave like it.. Firstly you go off to climb up into a cavern with dripstones and columns so close and all around you.. It feels like you will reach the cave roof!

small groups in a very big cave..
small groups in a very big cave..


For the second half of the tour you go across a bridge into the next part of the cave and for us, this was like walking into the Valley of the Pharoahs with huge dripstones and rock features either side of the narrow path .. A little Eygpt underground!

There are a couple of huge columns down here too, named after mythical kings and Sigmund Freud was also very taken by his visit here, apparently!

Words cannot begin to describe what a rocky adventure this hour will be and the photos we have taken can only give you a very basic idea. We can also tell you it was easily one of the prettiest caves we have seen in Green Slovenia,..

But it will be your senses that will buzz with the excitement and adrenalin of seeing something from nature so unique and special.. Of feeling the pinch of the crisp, fresh air and breathing in the solitude and feeling just so small in a place 75m under the ground.

now off into the valley of the Pharaohs..
now off into the valley of the Pharaohs..


Combos to do with Divaca Cave..

There are multiple options for other stuff to see and do around here, but how about a massive Rock Sunday with a visit to this cave in the morning, followed up with a hike around the nearby Divaca Dragon's Crater in the afternoon..

Thse two would certainly rock your world and it is also possible to walk between them on a nature path that runs through the forest from the massive open crater on the edge of Divaca all the way to Divaca Cave..

The only tricky thing you have to do is cross the train line at a point that means you must walk direction Divaca for a bit and then after safely crossing, double back direction Lipica on the other side of the road to get to the cave.. it is not so far and some of it is pavement, but please be careful as there is a little bit at the end before the cave entrance track with just road.

the bridge looks truly scary..
the bridge looks truly scary..


You could easily drive between the two rock attractions too and look out for our article soon on lovely Lokev village, which is an unbelievably good place to have some food, with lots of little restaurants.

Whatever you do in this mini region, it is essential to try a glass of locally made Teran wine, preferably with some local cheese and a few slices of air dried Prsut (prosciutto).. This is the only place in the world where you can do that!

Lipica is just a stone's throw from the cave too, so would also be a great local combo.. but like we said there are so many possibilities.

Maybe Divaca Dancing Cave will be one of your additional cave advenntures or even the only "jama" on your Slovenian holiday, but we do know it will be a fab visit, taking exactly an hour, with no queues, easy parking and a friendly guide in an incredibly stunning Green location that will feel like the middle of nowhere..

Just typical of another of Slovenia's massive selection of Secret Places to Visit!


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