Truffle Hunting

Thanks to some lovely guests from Germany who asked us.. "Can we go truffle hunting here?"

We can't believe we had not been asked this question before, or even thought about it ourselves, cos we do know that in the 3rd most forested country in Europe there are a lot of truffles and mushrooms indeed!

So we called a hunter friend who explained the best place to find truffles is just down the motorway from the Lodge a bit in the Slovenian coastal Hinterland, known as Istria..

He put us in touch with a local truffle hunter and we booked our guests in for an afternoon in the forest, followed by an evening meal cooked with truffles and this is what they said about it all!


Lovely German guests, Aug 2022

By car it was easy to reach the truffle hunting location near Koper. We´ve met Sarah (the truffle hunter) in the afternoon. At first, she gave us a very warm welcome at her property. After that, she introduced us all of her dogs, which are all in a different age.

Some of them have a lot of experience in truffle hunting and others are very young. Than we got a little check up of our clothes. Sarah recommends long trousers and closed shoes for the tour. Now we were ready to start the truffle hunting tour.

High motivated we started a little walk in a nearly located forest. Arrived at the first forest clearing Sarah stopped and started to explain truffle hunting knowledge in detail.

Sarah starts cooking in the log cabin..
Sarah starts cooking in the log cabin..

The subjects were hunting techniques, dog training, different types of truffles and the development of the prices. By the way, there were a lot of entertaining stories around Sarah's family, because she learned truffle hunting from her dad. So they have a long tradition in truffle hunting.
Now it was time for action! Sarah talked to her dog and gave only some small hand signs. Faster as we expected the dog ran through the forest with her nose at the ground. Only a few seconds later she began to dig. Success! We saw a small black truffle in her mouth. This procedure we did about 3 or 4 times. We thought "How easy is truffle hunting?", but Sarah explained that she prepared the forest for our tour. For sure - truffle is very expensive and nobody wants to lose his livelihood.

a unique opportunity to discover Slovenian Istrian hospitality..
a unique opportunity to discover Slovenian Istrian hospitality..

Now we we had big appetite to taste the fresh truffles. Sarah guided us back to her house and opened a big garage, which was expanded as a party location with a big kitchen. She served us cold slovenian wine and some typical truffle specialities as starter. The highlight was her personally fresh cooked truffle pasta.
Summing up we can say that it was a great experience with a very sympathetic young woman. We payed 90,- Euro in group of 4 persons including tour, drinks and the whole meal.
Thanks for the tips, guys.. We look forward to going Truffle hunting in the Spring!


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