Can we come to Green Slovenia this summer 2020?

Absolutely and we are gonna tell you why!

If there was one country in Europe where you could walk for hours without seeing another person, breathe fresh air on your own without a mask and still get to try fantastic local cuisine and unique wines.. then it would be Green Slovenia!

Regardless of this terrible disease, Slovenia should be top of your holiday list for Europe in any case! We have a little bit of everything that makes Europe so wonderful.. mountains, castles, lakes, caves, forests, rivers, vineyards, gorges, seaside, waterfalls.. if you don't believe it, just pop over to our DAYTRIPS section and you will be amazed!

We decided the best way to describe Slovenia so you can put a picture into your mind is to call it a "little Switzerland with a little coast".. (a mediterranean coast, by the way)!

In our view it is the most beautiful country in Europe, but in these strange times it really is a perfect location for you to safely chill out, hang out and still have fun in nature this summer, autumn and for weekend breaks over the winter!

We are not sure if Slovenia was the top of the European statistic tree for the lowest infection rate, but who believes statistics anyway? Arent 67% of all statistics made up.. or is it 45% or 23%, just kidding!

The point is Slovenia has only 2 million people spread out over an area 13 times bigger than Greater London in villages and small towns.. even the cute capital city of Ljubljana will feel tiny to you.. There are lots and lots of very beautiful places here and not a lot of people!

From what we have seen during this health crisis, Slovenes have been pretty good at wearing the masks and socially distancing and are friendly, but naturally shy with tourists anyway, so if you want to be left alone, you will be!

Slovenia will be open for green adventures this summer and if your government, airline or border guards and doctor will allow you to come here then you would be most welcome!

lake Bohinj is just one of hundreds of secret places you can visit from the Lodge..
lake Bohinj is just one of hundreds of secret places you can visit from the Lodge..


Things can change of course, but here at Lipizzaner Lodge we plan to sit out June and open from July to make sure it is safe for you to come.

We have more garden terraces (10) outside than rooms (8), so plenty of space for you to hide away if you prefer and we also expect our 2 huge self catering apartments to be very popular.

There are miles and km's of walks directly from the Lodge into the forest, mountains, by a river and even a secret forest path direct to the most unique castle in the world, Predjama!

We chose the very best logistical position for the Lodge in all Green Slovenia, so our guests can have a huge choice of daytrips to do.. We are perfectly set up as your cosy home from home so you don't need to keep changing your accomodation.. everwhere worth seeing is either a hike, bike or drive away from here! 

Yes, of course you will need to socially distance, wash your hands a lot and you should bring a facemask just in case, but if you have been cooped up in a crowded, empty city for the last 6 months, then this will be a small price to pay for a holiday in Europe's truly green paradise! 

And check out the photo gallery below to see just some of the lovely places within walking distance of the Lodge!


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