Summer 2020 in Green Slovenia!

Here at the Lodge, we decided to sit out June this year and open for summer 2020 in July and if your name is on the mysterious Green List, (the list of countries that can visit Slovenia) then here are just some of the amazing places you could find here.

We used June to catch up on our list of the secret places to visit that we had heard about, but still not visited.. Green Slovenia will continually surprise and amaze you with the variety, quality and sheer beauty of what is on offer.. and if you can make it this summer, there will be even fewer people than normal here, so the most beautiful country in Europe will seem emptier than ever for your adventures!

Empty of people.. packed full of gorgeous greeness, nature, natural water and fresh air!

We put together a gallery below to give you a glimpse of some of the places we have been to this June.. all of these will appear on our bulging SECRET PLACES TO VISIT section, specifically designed to give YOU clear, simple info in English about some places you should really know a bit more about before you visit Green Slovenia!


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