Kojak Falls.. who loves ya baby!

If ever there was a place to take a lollypop to in Green Slovenia, then it would be the uberstunning Kozjak waterfall, we call it KOJAK Falls for simplicity and if Telly Savalas had ever been lucky enough to visit here then he would have surely said.. "Who loves ya baby!"

For many of you, this will be your favourite waterfall in all Green Slovenia and this is saying something, it is unmissable and easy to get to and should absolutely be at the top of your daytrip schedule.

   boardwalk to stand on and view slovenian waterfall    the most beautiful waterfall in slovenia

Here are some great reasons why we love this place so much! 1) the walk there is not so long, (about 35 mins from the car park or the pretty Alpine town of Kobarid).. 2) you also walk along the Soca river to start with, which is always a treat for your senses.. 3) there is a really great swing bridge over the Soca river that you absolutely must bounce along and admire the river.. 4) you are accompanied by the sound of running water all the way and it is like an aqua orchestra, increasing in volume the closer you get to the falls.. 5) Depending on the water level you will either walk along or alongside a most stunning riverbed.. 6) then the whole experience culminates in climbing up onto a boardwalk fused into the rocks to go round a most mysterious rock corner and then being hit with the spectacle of the water gushing down into a beautiful green natural pool.. 7) the whole adventure can be done in 2 hours, which means you can fit in so much else into your day!

The waterfall is not the biggest in Slovenia, but it is usually full of water crashing down about 15 metres into an almost indescribabubble rock cauldron pool lined by thick layers of ancient dark rock creating a green "theatre" setting for mother nature to display this wonder, as good as any Shakespeare play. Ferns and plants sprout from the rocks all around you to create a tropical feel to this magical place.

If you have read any of our other guides you should be expecting to read the words "crystal clear water" and you will not be disappointed to know that the water flows off down this tight, prehistoric little valley, bubbling over white sand and rocks down to the Soca river, Europe's most beautiful waterway. 

   hobbit bridges to slovenian treasure    riverbed walk to slovenian waterfall

As you turn away from the Soca river and follow the stony forest track towards the narrow gateway to the Falls you might soon get some serious deja vue for one of those stunning oasis' in the Australian Outback, as you walk up the km long, rock passage to the waterfall. The water, rocks & greenery merge together to form something very special indeed. When you add the little "hobbit-like" wooden bridges over the water then you get real magic.

There are several easy hikes to get here, (when we say easy, we mean easy for Slovenia.. you still need a reasonable basic fitness and decent shoes). You could either hike from the pretty Alpine town of Kobarid and go directly across the Soca wonky wooden bridge, or take our preference, drive over the lovely stone Soca river bridge and walk from the little car park nearby.

   walk along the soca river on the way to kozjak    bridge to kozjak falls

We totally urge you to wait your turn at the end of the walk if there are a few people ahead of you. This is the time when you have to grab the steel cable support and climb up onto the fantastic wooden boardwalk that leads you towards the noise of the now thundering water. You have earned your place here in solitude, so chill, relax and when clear, walk the plank around this corner and you will suddenly be hit with a sight that will attack all your senses with an overwhelming feeling of something so naturally beautiful that will stay with you forever.

And perhaps the most difficult thing about coming here is leaving that ultimate spot, standing vulnerably in front of a natural wonder, but rest assured, you now have a huge choice of places or activities to check out on the way back to the Lodge.. For example you could drive further up the road into the mountains to have a lovely lunch and maybe another walk around the isolated village of Drevsnica. Many of our guests will drive home along the "other" bank of the Soca, (on the left hand side of the river) down to Tolmin along winding narrow roads through little villages, with nice little picnic stops by the river and with no traffic at all.

At Tolmin you absolutely cannot miss visiting the stunning Tolmin Gorge and your day will once again be accompanied by the sound of crashing water, but you could also walk up the hill there for a great view from Tolmin castle, maybe drive on to see the amazing lake at the "Most na Soci", plan a hike to see the amazing church hanging off the side of a mountain at Javorca and maybe stop off in the Vipava valley for some really excellent food on the way home.. it all depends on you, but there are numerous more options! 

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