Letter to America


Lipizzaner Lodge, Landol 17, Postojna, Green Slovenia, Center of Europe
Dear Friend,
We thought we would write you a few lines to give you some help planning your European adventure. You probably only get 14 days vacation and 2-3 of these will be spent travelling over the pond and back, so why would you spend any more of your hard earned time buzzing around 27 cities in Europe, seeing so very little of this grand old European lady?

So this is what you need to do!

Fly to London and spend a couple of days sightseeing, riding the red buses and trying to catch a glimpse of the Queen or Hugh Grant! Jump on the Eurostar train under the English channel direct to Paris for some more fantastic museums, Notre Dame and fine dining. Then take a cab to the Charles de Gaulle airport and catch the next flight to Venice for some Italian island hopping and great ice cream.

And then catch your breath and it is time for your European vacation to truly begin.. Either drive, fly or take a train just 2 hours north up the Venetian coast to Green Slovenia, where you will find the rest of Europe is waiting for you in one small, but massive package!

Within one hour in all directions from Lipizzaner Lodge you can visit medieval castles built long before Columbus was born, underground caves big enough to hide dragons and lakes so pretty you will think you are in Switzerland. Slovenia is slap bang in the center of this old continent and you will just love the choice of dishes influenced by our neighbors, with the best pizzas & Italian cuisine, schnitzels & Kaffee und Kuchen from Austria, sausages from Serbia and gulash.. Hungarian style!

In just one action packed day, for example, you can ski down or hike up an Alpine mountain in the morning, take brunch by Europe's largest disappearing lake Cerknica, then search for baby dragons in the worlds' most visited show cave at Postojna and then maybe end the day relaxing with a glass of unique wine from one of Slovenia's 7 wine regions, watching the sun set over the Adriatic sea.

You will feel at home exploring Europes's oldest and most dense forests, with bears and lynx roaming free, but the history here is thick and still alive all around you. We even have our own Robin Hood legend here, a real big man by the name of Martin Kirpan, who successfully smuggled his way past Ottoman empire troops, picking his horse up and carrying it through the forest to avoid detection and even better.. he also survived all attempts by Kevin Costner to make a movie about him!

And those beautiful white horses, created for queens and emperors.. Oh yes indeedy, Green Slovenia is also home to the most famous white horses in the world. Lipizzaners were being bred here 196 years before you got your independence and the stud farm and riding school are still going strong only 20 minutes away from Lipizzaner Lodge.. just waiting for your visit.

And finally we completely get it that you might want to follow the gospels of Rick Stein, or whatever his name is, but we actually live here and we have a mighty fine collection of our own little tales from travelling around Slovenia in our SECRET PLACES TO VISIT section that might be of help to you?

Did you know about the brave partisans who looked after one of your own for example? Yep, Lt Otto Hind was mortally wounded landing by parachute from his crashed bomber during WW2, but he was looked after by friends in a secret Partisan hospital hidden in the Slovenian forest.. Now you folks can go find this place if you like and pay homage to the brave men and women who risked their lives to try to save him.. check out our secret article Kamnik Secret WW2 Hospital.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
All the best from Green Slovenia!
Chris & Hanna at Lipizzaner Lodge  

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