Relaxtivity holiday

We came up with a new word to describe your holiday in Green Slovenia.. a Relaxtivity holiday!

Maybe you will have other words, (hopefully polite), to describe your stay at the Lodge.. but we certainly hope every day of your holiday can be like a Saturday or a Sunday!

Hit the hammock..
Hit the hammock..


By this we mean that all the fab natural Green wonders to see in Slovenia are so close to the Lodge, that each morning you can easily sip a coffee and choose how you will spend your time that day.. will it be a "Sunday kinda day for relaxing" or a "Saturday kinda day for doing active stuff".. or will you mix the two up and have a "Relaxtivity day"!

The great thing is that we absolutely don't have any Mondays at the Lodge, cos you are on holiday!!

So this page is all about showing you where to click on our website to find out more about Relaxing or doing Activities.. or doing both!


Relax "O" Clock..

We have plenty of options for relaxing downtime all around the Lodge. Maybe you want to st in the garden and chill after a walk to nearby Predjama Castle orcoming back from a fab a bike ride. Or maybe you want to relax here all day..

Either way you are most welcome to relax here at the Lodge in Green paradise!

We provide the garden, secret terraces, hammocks, cafe service and fantastic Green views of the last mountain in Slovenia.. and you just do the rest!

our Nanos terrace vista..
our Nanos terrace vista..


the secret Garden..

We have more terraces in our garden that rooms, so you can easily lose yourself in a hidden terrace, maybe having a snooze on a hammock or sitting in the shade watching a Lipizzaner lesson.

We deliberately created terraces in the shade, in the trees and others in the sun with different kinda seating options, so you can choose where you want to sit and enjoy your holiday.

One lovely E Biking German went out early every morning to do her yoga on the top terrace facing Mt Nanos and every morning had a little collection of animals keeping her company.. 4 Lipizzaners and 3 Siamese cats!

The same terrace has become an amateur observatory at night for a guest to watch the stars and take a wonderful photo of the incredibly clear night sky we have here.

can you spot someone ??!!
can you spot someone ??!!


And there is lots of stuff at the Lodge to entertain the kids whilst you have a little stretch on a hammock.. outsie Kids have plenty of space to run around and you can keep one open eye on them from the safety of a hammock! The Kid also asolutely love our new Owlery for Retired Owls and Aspiring Owlets.. a tree house full of owls to explore.

Inside the Lodge all clocks in the Lobby are set to 4 "O" Clock as it always a great time to have a cuppa tea!



We try to use as many local producers for our coffee and other cafe supplies. So you can ONLY select amazing unique Slovenian vintages from our Wine menu..

Relax by the woodburner..
Relax by the woodburner..


On our cafe menu we have Slovenian beer and a Slovenian coke called "Cockta".. for some absolutely disgusting, but delicious for others! 

The one exception we have to make of course is to have proper English tea, as you cannet get a better cuppa than from that strange little island on the edge of Europe!



In the first floor lobby we have a library for guests to borrow all sorts of books from, but we have tried to get as many good "holiday reads" as we can.

There is also a huge kids section with books, comics, lego and all sorts of games and cards and stuff to keep the little monsters entertained!


Sauna & Massage..

Our traditional Finnish sauna is located in the RELAXROOF Suite, with private changing room and luxury shower annex. So if you wanted to be sure to have access to the sauna, you would need to book this room as your bedroom and the sauna is included.

When the RelaxRoof is not booked out other guests can book a Sauna and we hope to complete another wooden Finnish Sauna in our garden soon, so watch this space!

We can also organise a massage for you, so please just ask!

our Lipizzaners having a snack..
our Lipizzaners having a snack..


Cinema Room..

We also have an enormous selection of DVD films to borrow and watch on the big screen in our very own cinema room, or if you prefer to watch a movie in your room, you have your own DVD player and a 32" LED screen on your bedroom wall.

Sometimes in the summer we can do outdoor cinema too!

Our cinema room is most often used as a relaxing room for guests to have a game of cards or read a book in and we are also delighted about that.  


Other Tech..

Of course, you really don't come to Slovenia to watch TV, but in your downtime you will be relieved to know that we have "WiFi all areas" and TV channels from all over the place! You shouldn't miss a major sporting event and Big games are shown for all in our cinema room..

All kids (and big kids) will also be delighted to know we have two 1980's video arcade games machines that play lots of classic arcade games, such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Pinball, Space Invaders, Galaxian and the house favourite, Moon Cresta..

plenty of terraces..
plenty of terraces..


Other Places to Relax..

Green Slovenia has it all.. How about chilling at the Mediterranean Coast, Slovenian, Italian or Croatian (Istria).

What about relaxing by a Lake, next to a Waterfall, in the middle of a Vineyard, paddling on a River, just Swimming, hanging out on an Island or dining out in a wine Valley, or strolling around a secret Hill Top Village..

Grape picking in the Vipava Wine Valley..
Grape picking in the Vipava Wine Valley..


Be Active..

Green Slovenia ALSO has it all.. How about hiking up a Mountain, exploring a Cave, looking out for deer in the Forest, finding where the water goes in a Disappearing Lake, running around a Fortress Church, climbing up to the magical place a new river starts, shop till you drop in the City, visit a fantastic Micro Museum, cycle or kayak down the Mine, discover the Secret WW2 Partisan Forest Hospital, cross the Bridge or ascend the Tower!!

We usually go off in a different direction every day for a Lodge Walk and you are welcome to join us.

take a hike!
take a hike!


There are Hikes to do ALL over Green Slovenia and we have bikes and E Bikes for you to rent with all the equipment and routes you need! 

Maybe you will ride a Lipizzaner in the very country where they wwre created by the Austrian Emperor over 400 years ago..

There is so much OTHER STUFF to do as well!


Secret Places to Visit..

We quickly realised it was absolutely necessary to log our huge number of amazing Green SECRET PLACES TO VISIT on just one page for you to flick down and if you fancy the look of one of the photos or descriptions then click away and maybe go explore!

These are very special places that are accessible from the Lodge and we are sure you would like to know about and would not like to miss out on, so we ALSO created a massive Pirates SECRET PLACES TO VISIT TREASURE MAP for you to click around and see what secret places might be up your street on your route around the most beautiful country in Europe!

Save the Planet..

And finally if you want to GO GREEN in the Greenest country in Europe then we have a page for that too and if you like, we will help you achieve your Green aims here as much as we possibly can, as this is very close to our hearts too!


Did You Know..

You will be pleasantly surprised by how many day or half day activities we can suggest for you to explore Slovenia by foot, bike, horse or car. We have lots of ideas for guided & accompanied daytrips and as we get to know you better, we will often suggest an idea for a trip that you might not have known or thought about, mostly we just give you the essential info and tips and off you go on your own! We also know lots of local guides if you want have the ultimate Slovenian Day Out adventure!

Right now, you might not truly believe the amount of different activities you can do in Green Slovenia, Europes biggest Nature Park, but the choice really is quite unique, with pretty much anything you want to do on offer!

This is all made possible by the small distances between places and the incredibly different geography & micro climates in this tiny country, best described and imagined as a little Switzerland with a little coast.

Green Slovenia busy?? not on your Nelly when you know where to go!!
Green Slovenia busy?? not on your Nelly when you know where to go!!

You could visit an amazing cave in the morning, dip your toes in either the Italian, Slovene or Croatian sea in the afternoon and be back with us to watch the sun set behind Nanos mountain for a nice glass of Slovenian wine and relaxing evening meal!

The next day can be completely different: Why not pop to lovely Ljubljana on the train or take the tram to Trieste for some sightseeing and shopping, visit a museum, have your meal by the Ljubljana river or the Trieste coast and be home for a movie and some popcorn in our cinema room!

Every next day can be completely different again and again! You could walk up a different mountain every day, visit a waterfall, swim in a lake, but always have a great choice of local food at a local restaurant on the way home. The list goes on and on and on.. You get the idea now!

So Relax.. Be Active and Welcome to Green Slovenia!


Address: Landol 17, Postojna 6230, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5620 3443
Mobile: +386 40 47 0239 or +386 40 37 8037