English training

Why not combine some valuable English training with your holiday? 

How English Training works

All you need to do is decide how many hours you would like to study and combine with your holiday.. say 10, 20 or 30 hours English training to be used during your stay at the Lodge!

You can use these hours how you prefer, for example, split into 10 x 2 hour sessions, 1 hour, 2 , 3 or half day sessions. 

Just book your sessions in advance into our diary just like a meeting appointment. During your training time, your partner or the rest of your group or family can relax around the Lodge, go off for a bike ride or hike, or pretty much do any local day trip, depending on how long you will be learning that day!

The price of each individual hour is €20 with an extra €5 per additional student up to a maximum of 4.

What will we do?

Each student is different and has unique demands, but you can probably already speak English!

So we will work on what you need to do and understand to get your message clearly across in English. If you need to improve your oral English you will speak a lot and if you need to improve your social media skills, we will work more on the internet together.

If you need to improve specifically for school or college, then we will concentrate on how best to help you improve and also identify sites and material you can use at home to continue your improvement when you get home.

But the really great thing is that you will also have a holiday in the most beautiful country in Europe at the same time as improving your English.. Fantastic!

Business English Training

With over 20 years business experience in the UK and across Europe, Chris can provide you with the kind of English training that will give you fresh confidence and help you get your message across clearly using this most important business language, or socially improve your spoken English.

Free Training for Local Kids

Whilst business people can and should pay for their training, it is very important to give something back to the local community, so where there are cases of local kids wanting help with their English, this help will be given for free. The only requirement is that the student will work hard and do their homework!

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