the Secret Valley of Rocks

We found this little valley at the start of a much longer walk to find the waterfalls of Martulek Gozd and we just had to tell you about this as a separate secret place.

The blueish crystal clear water thunders down the valley from high up in the Slovenian Alps to accompany this walk and we were blown away when we turned a corner to see both sides of the river covered in these little stone pyramids. They stand like rock people watching over the river and you can only guess how many there are here.

   pretty valley near the slovenian alps    slovenian rock valley

The rock valley is about a 10 minute walk from the car park in the quite tricky to pronounce "Martulek Gozd", but the good news is this little village is again about 10 minutes from Slovenia's main ski resort, Kranska Gora. You just stay on the main road and when you get into the village, just before or after the bridge, (depending which direction you are going) there is a little car park. 

Then you just follow the sign towards Slap 1 and 2, (waterfalls) and sure as rocks, you will enter this beautiful little valley and find all the rockmen and women. We wondered who made these rock statues and they reminded us of similar scenes we have seen in South America. We are also curious to know if in the winter the river swells and washes these rocks away so they have to be recreated again? Maybe you might want to go and build one for yourself?!

   stairs up the martulek gozd waterfall walk    bridge towards martulek gozd waterfall in slovenia

You would have to be quite fit to walk further on to find the two amazing waterfalls, but we highly recommend them, you can read more about them in another "secret place" tip, Hike to the 2 Waterfalls of Martulek Forest. If you have little time or don't walk to walk so far then you could just walk up to the first bridge and from there it is not far to a second bridge where you get a great view of waterfall 1.


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