the amazing Logar Valley, (Logarska Dolina)

If you knew there was a huge green valley with a waterfall at the end of it and an Eagle's nest café to climb up to and admire the falls..

If you knew the valley is run by a partnership of the local people, who charge you a small fee to enter and then look after you in their hotels, B&B's, restaurants and invite you to explore the numerous hiking paths around this stunning valley..

Would you be interested?!

    the lagar valley region in slovenia    fab trees at the logarska dolina in green slovenia

We have long been saying that the whole of Green Slovenia should just be renamed a national park, with the few cities and larger towns excluded! When you drive to and arrive at the Logar Valley it has all the hallmarks of a very secret national park.

You will probably need to know the Slovenian name to find it though.. Logarska Dolina, which means Forest warden's valley, so shall we settle on calling it the Logar valley for now?!

What is for sure is that this in one of Slovenia's biggest, beautiful and least known secret places and we absolutely love the place.

main valley at logarska dolina    beautiful mountains in slovenia's logar valley

But you should also know the Logar valley is quite tricky to get to, so is one of the very few places in Slovenia that we actually recommend you stay separately from the Lodge and at least overnight there.

You can still do lots of the things you can do in, on and around lakes Bled and Bohinj, but here, it's a very different Kamnik Alps region to Bled's Julian Alps, (Slovenia has 3 Alpine regions). But we really want to make the point that you need to plan to get here and cos of it's location, it isn't a daytrip kinda place.

You would believe this even less looking at a map, but look more carefully and you will see this long valley is tucked away in the north of Slovenia, accessible only by amazing, curvy river roads and surrounded by mountains.. yes folks, that is why it's so beautiful and relatively undiscovered!

    rinka falls at the logarska valley    the eagle's nest in the logar valley

You can't drive directly here and you may even consider going into Austria and around, but the best route from the Lodge is motorway via Velenje, which has a castle, a fabulous lake for swimming and a coal mine experience to tempt you. 

Then from Velenje you go direction Mezica, yet another of our secret places to visit! Here there is a huge mine where you can choose from kayaking, biking or walking along it's endless underground shafts. In Mezica, or Mexico as we call it, you are really in the shadow of the imposing Peca mountain (2,125m), where King Matjaz is sleeping in a hidden cavern with his army!

It would also be very possible and a good idea to go straight to the Logar valley to stay and spend your next day with an early start at the Mezica mine, as it is the only mine in Europe where you can kayak in the morning and then bike in the afternoon!

    the icredible mezica mine in slovenia    velenje castle in green slovenia

The closer you get to the Logar valley the more beautiful and cramped it gets. we say cramped, as the mountains start to grow more around you and close you in tightly next to the river roads.

There are plenty of little mining towns along the way to stop off for a bite to eat or coffee and you also see the signs for water sports, but for some people, one of the reasons for coming here will be that this is NOT Bled! That said, you don't have to read too many of our "secret places to visit" articles to know that the more off-season you come to these secret places, the less busy they are and in our opinion there is a huge off season in Slovenia, just waiting here for you to come and enjoy!

You get a "Yellowstone national park kinda feeling" when welcomed into the bosom of the valley with this special partnership of locals. The highlight of this magical place is, of course, the towering Rinka waterfall (slap), (105m), which pours off the top of a high Alpine ledge to the delight of customers at the Eagle Nest café.. this is another of Slovenia's wonderful little cafes that you will never forget.. high up, hanging off the edge of some rock, gazing directly across to this lovely waterfall, all set inside a much larger rock bowl!

The waterfall feeds a lovely river that flows down over Alpine bleached perfect white pebbles into the tree covered valley. But you could easily lose yourself in any of the numerous green and rocky corners of this valley and just like for the rest of Slovenia, don't make the mistake of giving too little time in your agenda to the wonderful Logar valley.

    rinka wasserfall in slowenien    another lovely waterfall in slovenia

Have you read our blog about our recent November visit to the Logar valley? We won't tell you too much here, but one second the waterfall (above left) was little.. the next, it was dramatically not so little! Read the BLOG here! 

And one final tip.. there is a great way to return from the Logar valley, if you cut up across Austria via Mezica, then into Austria via Pilberk,and Zelezna Kapla Bela, then Bad Vellach and drop back into Slovenia over a pass that ends up in a wonderful little place called Jezerzko, where there is a beautiful lake. From here you make your way down another stunning riverside road direction Bled, Ljubljana or to the Lodge, the choice is yours!

There is an absolutely terrifyingly stunning narrow, forest mountain road you could take that is more direct on the map, but has more twists and turns than an episode of Game of Thrones! You go direction Bad Vellach and get amazing views, but it is NOT a shortcut.. Do this if you want a driving adventure, white knuckle ride with amazing views.. you drop out back into society at the start of the beautiful mountain pass road up and down into Slovenia.


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