one HELL of a cave.. Pekel

Not all the amazing caves are located in the south west of Slovenia.. we found this one called Hell's cave (Pekel jama) on a trip to the East of Slovenia and it is yet another really surprising 2 hour stop off secret place that should get onto your "must see" list.

Now we know about this fantastic little cave, we always try to recommend it to our guests, particularly if they are heading to the North East of Green Slovenia.

Pekel jama translates as "Hell's cave" and is the perfect stopover from the Lodge, (1hr 20 mins) en route to visit maybe the fab castles of Velenje or Celje, the Logar valley, Ptuj, Jerusalem or Maribor. It is typical of so many of Slovenia's secret places to visit, as it is a little tricky to find, often deserted of tourists and most importantly, will completely surprise you how amazing and beautiful it is both inside and with the green forest environment outside!

It is well worth dropping off the motorway to come here and spend just a couple of hours in nature and the company of a very friendly tour guide. Be careful, it's very easy to drive straight past the little car park and up the hill past the cave, but as always in Slovenia, this country is so small, so it's really easy to turn round and come back!

You buy your ticket in the little cafe and please CHECK when the tours go beforehand as they are every 2 hours. It's lovely to sit outside on the terrace and take in this little mini paradise in any case.. we were really lucky as it had just rained and so these little yellow and black geckos, called "Fire salamanders" were crawling around all over the place.. they like it after the rain.

So as you now the cave is called hell's cave and if you look carefully at our main photo you can see the entrance has the massive sinister outline of someone scary, just to put the chills down your spine as you enter the cave underneath.

As we roll our eyes and tell all our guests who say they are just gonna visit one cave, we explain that every show cave in Green Slovenia is completely different and Hell's cave is so special cos it has a little bit of everything!

It even has a waterfall that you get to along an amazing rock passage that you could imagine Indiana Jones creeping along. There are different kinds of drip stones all over the place and actually the tour whizzes quickly by.. before you know it you are climbing up some steps and dodging massive sheets of stalactites on your way out. 

There are hikes to do here in the massive forest that hides this little treasure and if you have another hour spare and a car full of thirsty passengers then why not stop off at the nearby famous Beer fountain in the centre of Zalec, where you can try 6 types of Slovenian beers.. cheers.

We cannot empthasize how much of a pleasant surprise this cave is.. if it was in your country, there would be a queue around the corner to get in.. so now you know about it, try to squeeze it into your packed "secret places of Slovenia schedule" and if you are lucky, you will see those cute little yellow & black fellas!


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