fab forest walk to Repov Waterfall from Zaga mill

This secret place was a "shall we stop, shall we carry on" instant decison in the car as we saw a pretty little wooden building coming up with a narrow parking spot next to a very typically green Slovenian forest..

Luckily we stopped..

We found a fully functioning 250 year old water mill and the most amazing little themed forest walk to a triple waterfall that totally blew our socks off! Wow is not the word, the waterfall was totally amazing and because we had to walk 20 mins there, not quite knowing what we would find at the end of it and wondering if we had wasted our time, the thrill of finding a 25m high waterfall gushing down the rockface in the middle of what we thought was a forest was quite an unbelievabubble surprise!

Repov waterfall is another perfect example of just one of the many secret places in Slovenia that inspired us to create our Secret Places to Visit library.. it has a name that you immediately forget, a location that is hardly marked and tricky to find, but WOW.. when you get there and see this wonder of nature with your own eyes you get a feeling of accomplishment, surprise and memory that will stay with you.

We often mention on this site and to guests that in Green Slovenia you get richly rewarded for being curious and going around that extra bend or walking that extra mile.

We still cannot believe that Slovenia hides so many amazing little natural treasures and part of the reason for this is that waterfalls as stunning as Repov are so "two a penny" for locals, they don't even think to tell you about these places and just don't realise that you the visitor will find them so absolutely amazing..

In spending the same amount of time it would take you to watch a Lara Croft Tomb Raider film.. doing this little forest trek could totally make your day! 

So our reward for stopping at the pretty mill, seeing the sign about a "slap" (waterfall) and then following a nature trail was a 25 metre high triple waterfall all to ourselves.

There were several mini occasions when we thought, "is this a wild goose chase?", but we continued and we absolutely take our bobble hats off to the local people who created this trail.. keep the faith, it is easy to follow and there are little nature features all along. On it's own, the walk in the forest is very pleasant, there is a big pond along the way and then you get more of a jungle adventure as you have to scramble slightly, cross wooden bridges and climb up wooden ladders. 

"shall we stop or shall we not?" Let's stop and have a look..


Unless you have difficulty walking then anyone can get here with good shoes, being careful and average fitness.. the prize at the end is well worth it and we cannot recommend enough that you put this place on your bonus secret place to visit list. It will take up one or two hours of your day, but fill your heart with green memories for years to come about the magic of Slovenia. 

So now the tricky bit, where on earth is this place!

It's just one hour 30 from the Lodge or 30 mins from Kamnik.. if you drew a wonky triangle between Bled, Ljubljana and Velenje, then it would kinda be in the middle of that!

We are not fans of just typing stuff into gurgle maps and blindly going places, but for this adventure you might need to type "repov waterfall or "slap"" into mr Google and then you will see it is in between 2 villages of Zaga and Luce, (both you will probs pronounce wrongly as the little comma things above the Z and C make it soft and so the Zaga mill will sound more like a Jamacian singer if you say it properly! Also be careful as these are not the only Zaga and Luce in Slovenia. (We did say it would be tricky)!

If you can find the mill along the main road, then park there and start your trek.. this little adventure is also just perfect for a picknick, but it will probably not take up your whole day, so maybe you will mix it up with a trip to Velika Planina (Heaven on Earth) mountain paradise, Celje castle, Hell's cave or a multitude of other great options!

We were lucky enough to drive past here on our way home from the stunning Logar valley.. whichever way you get here, please enjoy! 

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