Boka Falls.. the BIG One

If the Boka Falls had a car registration plate it would read "BIG 1".. this is the highest waterfall in Green Slovenia and it is an absolute beauty.

If you know when to look, then with a jerk of the neck backwards, you might get a glimpse of it as you cruise the main road that leads into the Upper Soca valley from Kobarid to Bovec, but we want to tell you about a wonderful little 20 minute walk up into the forest to a fab viewing platform where you can admire the waterfall a little closer up.

LOCATION: The key thing to remember for this short rewarding hike is not to miss the long narrow car park not far outside Bovec (direction Kobarid) and just before a long concrete bridge where you can park to launch your short but wonderful Boka adventure. If you are coming from Kobarid direction, then the car park is directly AFTER the long bridge.

If you have a choice where to park then think about your exit from this car park as it has very bad sight lines both ways.. so try to get a spot in the middle!

Then you just walk over the bridge and cross the road to join the 20 minute hiking path up to the viewing platform. As you walk over this bridge.. notice how wide it is and imagine this river full of water from the Boka! But you will very probably be here in the summer, so the riverbed will be empty of water, instead packed full of pefectly shaped rocks and boulders.. 

The path up is marked by the odd sign for "Boka Slap", (Slap is waterfall in Slovene) there are also little red circles painted on the rock path to show you the way.

There are wooden staircases along the path where required, but you will see how stunningly beautiful this secret path is and how the jagged white Karst boulders light up the pretty forest. We would recommend this fantastic little walk even if the majestic waterfall was not at the end, this is a short, but physical hike well worth doing on its own!

wow.. you forget the mild discomfort of going up hill when the path is so stunningly beautiful like this!
wow.. you forget the mild discomfort of going up hill when the path is so stunningly beautiful like this!


The waterfall is well screened by the trees and you only get to see it when you reach the wooden viewing platform and can look across and up to over 700 metres high where the crystal clear water pops out and slides down the mountain side.

The first 20 metres or so flops over the massive stone ledge directly out of the rock and then thunders another 116 metres down to form a monster 136 metre drop

So the best time to see Boka or any of Green Slovenia's multitude of waterfalls is probably in the late summer/autumn or spring when the water flow is absolutely gushing, but even in the summer there is masses of water here in the Boka waterfall itself and now you know how beautiful the path is and where to find it! You will be amazed at how wide the waterflow actually is coming out of the mountain.

Can you believe that healthy, fit, nutters actually climb up the frozen waterfall in the winter!!

the hiking path to the Falls is picture perfect and shady on a hot summer day..
the hiking path to the Falls is picture perfect and shady on a hot summer day..


Hopefully you can squeeze this 1 hour adventure into your day to do the Boka hike, but there are so many other possiblities to see Green Slovenian Wonders of Nature in this area that it is absolutely worth planning your day carefully..

..Lodge guests usually combine the Boka hike into an amazing day out with one or two of maybe the Vrsic Pass, the spring of the Soca river, the Lepana water Gardens, Predil fortress and lake, Tolmin Gorge, the Kozjak waterfall, the Soca lake.. the list is totally endless and amazing.

Whichever combination of Green mixers you put into your Slovenian cocktail, the cherry on top could easily be the Boka hike, largely due to the minimum time it takes to complete and the maximum delight you will receive!


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