Slovenia Motorway E-Vignette 2022

If you will be driving on any part of Green Slovenia's superb motorway network from 2022 you will need to buy an E Vignette, not 3 days or 3 mins or 3 kms into your trip but BEFORE you use the motorways.

We really don't want your hols in Slovenia to be ruined by a big fine, so please make sure you quickly read through this blog for the new E Vignette starting in 2022..  there are just 2 key things to make sure you do..

1> YOU MUST buy an E vignette either online or at a petrol station at the border and it MUST have the registration number of your car.

2> YOU MUST be careful to enter your correct registration number when you buy online or tell your registration correctly to the cashier. ALSO make sure you get the correct START DATE if you buy online.. (you can buy a vignette online up to 30 days in advance).

Slovenians are pretty good at English, but we have noticed they are not so good at comprehending individual letters and numbers.. an E can easily become an I for example and some of you might have a completely wierd registration number for a local cashier to process OR you might just have a bit of a comedy English accent yourself.. so please make sure the paper receipt you get has your CORRECT registration number on it!

IT IS TOO RISKY TO JUST DRIVE ACROSS THE SLOVENIAN BORDER AND WAIT FOR THE NEXT PETROL STATION, cos there are OVERHEAD CAMERAS everywhere on the network now, so once you are clicked without an E Vignette, that is your holiday partially ruined!

If you cross the border on regional roads then you do not have to buy an E Vignette, but you MUST BUY ONE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE you enter the motorway network here, even if for just a few KMs..


How to Buy an E Vignette.. don't worry it is no big deal!

1> You can go onto the DARS (Slovenian Motorways) website CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE VIGNETTE WEBSITE and you need to register briefly, then you pay electronically and job done.

2> Or you can still just pop into a petrol station and pay at the till, you will be asked for your registration number (MAKE sure you get the paper receipt as proof).


Which length of E Vignette do You need?

There are effectively only 2 choices, ONE WEEK or ONE MONTH.. 

The 7 day vignette currently costs 15 Eur and the Monthly is 30 Eur, so even if you will be here for 7 days and 1 minute, buy the month one.. if you are driving through and will return in 2 weeks, again.. buy the month vignette!

(There is also a YEAR vignette for us locals, but this is not of interest to you guys)!

make sure you are tooled up with an E Vignette for your adventures in Green Slovenia..
make sure you are tooled up with an E Vignette for your adventures in Green Slovenia..



Quit the Jibber Jabber about having to Buy an E Vignette!

We think the prices are really sensational value for a super fast modern motorway network, very probably better than your own network, whizzing you around an incredibly beautiful country packed with a new SECRET PLACE TO VISIT within minutes of pretty much EVERY motorway exit.. so why not choose an exit and give one of these Secret Places a try!

We have zero sympathy for people just driving through Slovenia as quickly as they can to get to somewhere else and then whinging about having to pay for the privilege of using the Slovenian motorways!

Slovenia is right in the centre of Europe and crossed in all directions by many different peoples. Slovenia is also packed with everything that is good about Europe in one tiddly country..

If only these whingy people knew what amazing Green Secrets they could find by exploring Slovenia a bit, instead of just blindly whizzing across.. 


Other Stuff..

We often get guests who either turn up or ask us a few days into their hol if they actually need a vignette! We are shocked that they have gotten away with it, but from 2022 that won't happen, the cameras are everywhere!

We are really happy that you don't have to harm the environment any more with a plastic sticker and anyone who has tried to peel one of these off the windscreen will know how annoying it can be too!

The motorway network around Slovenia is really very, very good and was one of the many reasons we located Lipizzaner Lodge where we are here in the South West of the country to give our guests super fast access to so many amazing secret Green Places for daytrip options.

If you are absolutely determined to just drive through and completely miss the most beautiful country in Europe, then we challenge you to use our growing SECRET PLACE TO VISIT TREASURE MAP for some tips and choose one! Then just jump off at one of the exits to see what Green Slovenia is all about!

And the last thing to say, of course, is that even though the motorways are great, once you leave the highways and the lowways to properly explore this Green Paradise, it will take 3 times longer on the country roads, but is at least 6 times more beautiful than the already sensational views you get from the motorways!


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