Boating on the Green River

The Krka river has two main springs popping out of a cave and a rockface not far from Cucumber castle (Zuzemberk). It is a great river to drive along through pretty little villages and you could even spend the whole day following it all the way to the end, where it joins the Sava river, just before Croatia at Brezice.

There are some fantastic places to stop off and explore along this river and Lionel et family from France decided to drive the 90 mins out to the pretty little village of Kostanjevice, (Chestnut), which is an island on the Krka river, for some fun rowing and swimming!

Here is what they thought about this particualr adventure! 

Last summer, after one week spent in Bosnia Herzegovina, we stayed another week at Lipizzaner Lodge in Landol. We were looking for some ‘fun' activities for our 11-years daughter, after the quite dramatic Mostar and Sarajevo guided tours on the war (though extremely interesting)!

On Chris’ advice, we decided to spend one day in Kostanjevica, not far from Novo Mesto, an area where I think I had never been before in Slovenia.
Kostanjevica is a small beautiful village on an island on the Krka river. There is a bar restaurant close to the river where we rented a canoo for we three.
We then went around the island with the canoo, passing beautiful weeping willows and looking at the old charming houses overlooking the river. It is also possible to rent paddles.
It was very hot that day and we then swam in the river to get refreshed. There is a nice little beach at the bar restaurant where we rented the boat.
Still on Chris’ advice, on the way back to Landol we stopped at the Otocec castle on the Krka river also, now transformed into a luxury hotel, to get a drink in the garden of the castle.
This was a perfect one-day excursion from Landol when it is very hot for swimming and canoeing.
Wow, what a day!.. Many thanks to Lionel and family for sharing this relaxing river adventure!


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