Virje waterfalls

The Virje waterfall is a very pretty little multiple waterfall that we found when exploring the Bovec region along the Soca river in the north west Julian Alps.

It is in a very quiet secuded secret spot along a very narrow road, so if you want have a bit of a mini Green adventure with a very natural reward, then this is the waterfall for you!

We drove up to the nearest parking space and you need to aim for the tiny village of Pluzna. This is not a waterfall you can park right next to and you shouldn't anyway as the stone path walk down to it is very lovely indeed. There is very little parking spot available anywhere in this forested area and the roads are one vehicle width wide, so if you have time, you might consider hiking here instead?

the number of different water flows gives more of a south American feel to the falls
the number of different water flows gives more of a south American feel to the falls


There is a really wonderful curved path down to the falls.. so when you finally get down to the water show you do get a small feeling of physical accomplishment to go with the little "wow" that you will utter.. We saw Virje at it's weakest in the middle of summer when the water flow is lowest, but even then it was very impressive indeed, with little gushes of water popping out everywhere!

We are not big fans of people just turning up somewhere to take a photo and go to the next place on their ticklist, but you should know that this is probably not a full or even half day's activity, unless you are going to exlplore or hike more around this stunning area.

We only explored a little down river from the Falls, (Slap) in Slovenian, so this could also be a hiking adventure to do, following the crystal clear water on it's new journey..

A quick check of the map shows a secret lake very close to this waterfall.. we didn't know about the lake when we first came here, so this is another reason to come back to Virje for us and try to find or hike to the lake!

But even as a shorter roundtrip stop off, it is a such a tranquil, peaceful location with a good walk involved and a stunning waterfall to fill a couple of your all too precious Slovenian holiday hours. It would be a great place for a picnic and a little rest in Green nature away from the fizz and the buzz of the Bovec watersports crews..

Maybe you could combine your visit to Virje Slap, one of the smallest, cutest Slovenian waterfalls, with a visit to see the daddy of them all.. the Big One, the 136m high Boka falls, which is the biggest waterfall in Green Slovenia!


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